Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Total Randomness

Holidays rocks! Rocks! Rocks! =]
Owh yea, forgot to post something.
We saw Zhen Feng in Times Square that day. =)
Ehem, with his girlfriend!! LOL.
Yes, I am not a fan of him.
It's so weird!
Okay, we're not sure whether it was his girlfriend or his younger sis cause there was also an aunty in front of them.
We were basically chasing him to see who the girl was =P
When they pass us, we only saw HIM. Like why?? Cause his face is kinda attractive =P

So anyway, I wanna hang out with Sheryl and Hui Jun again someday =]
It's so fun and hmm, comfortable xD

Sigh, today is the 9th of June.
Guess what?
Bible knowledge students are off to Genting for their 3 days trip today.
Sigh. I wonder what they are doing now.
What they chatted during their journey there.
I miss miss miss miss them so freaking much.
And MABEL! You x ajak me go Leisure punnnn!! =(
Lain kali must call this babe also larh. Always you and Francesca nia.
Hmm, hope they have fun in camp =)
They'll be back on the 11th of June.
Hehe. Hope to get updated bout the camp.
And MABEL, do post pictures of ya'll kay? =) LOVE YA'LL!

Basically spent my whole morning till noon in front of the computer again =.=
Watching ANTM. I can't wait for it to END.
Went tuition late again today =.=
I have no idea why though.
But addmaths tuition is always fun =)
Today learn addition formulae. NICE....
Then went to pasar malam with parents.

Anyway, I have no idea why dad just ajak-ed me to Leisure Mall tomorrow.
I thought he going work? 0.o
Tomorrow hibernating day for me larh =P

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