Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesh! Song picked xD

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion ^^

Heh! This song kinda nice =)
But Briggita wanna sing to someone =x So I teman her sing larh xD

These few days, school was kind of meaningless.
I know I damn noob.
Today Brigs got BK exam. Well, good luck!
She was trying hard to study in class today. Haha. Too bad she was sitting next to me xD
But today I guai a bit larh. I go behind buat bising xD
Then ran to Mana there xD
We were talking bout craps. Haha. As usual, Brigs was talking bout her oh-so-special someone xD
Then we asked each other, who we think will change after secondary school.
I said VINOD!! Woots!
I think he'll be a damn cool, smart, good looking and gentleman adult!
Today we had emergency lisan xD
Damn chun wan.
Mana wanted to talk bout guys for lisan =.=
Btw, I just realised I damn fierce T.T
Yea T.T Omgosh!
But good what xD
gahhh...lazy blog dy =.= Whatever happens, happened larh......

Happy Birthday to Yee Lian!! =)

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