Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Day sucked.

Woke up at 6.30am.
Left home at 7.30am.
Ate breakfast with cm.
Reach church at 8.30am.
Song practice till 10.30am.
Meeting a while with musicians and song leaders a while.
Change to pj baju.
Walked to school using hulu langat way cause mum say kampung way too dangerous.
Stopped at every damn traffic light cause it was red for pedestrians.
Damn those traffic lights!
Reached school at 11.30am.
Went up to PS.
Can't see any buddy.
Called Brig.
She say in Bilik Bahasa.
I thought PS got work to do there.
Went there, went to wrong stairs, walk to another stairs, wasted damn much energy and time!
Went bilik bahasa, they help Pn K instead of PS!
Damn shyt! Went back to PS =.=
Saw Mana and Irfanah. Lie down on floor a while, too tired, too exhausted to even speak =(
Then teacher came in, ask to do work.
Continue labeling.
Then went out buy food.
Then went in back.
Insert data into computer.
Somehow something happened.
Was planning to walk back.
Kinda pissed. WHY? Cause I was super exhausted and angry of something.
Told Mana and Irfanah bout my toe =.=
They say will grow bernanah. Gosh, who cares =.=
Then walked to Irfanah's house.
Slept there =)
Di-woke-kan by 2 babies xD
Cute cute, very cute ^^
Eye big big de. One more like koala bear xD
They kept crying.
Baby de cry cause hungry.
Toddler cry cause err..baby cried? 0.o No wait, cause he made something spoil =.=
Anyway, her house kinda chaotic with those BABIES around zzz
But somehow fun.
Mum fetched me home.
Reach home a while nia then went tuition.
Late for tuition =.=
Sir taught some trigonometry identities.
He ask, can remember or not? I terus geleng head xD
He say "Wah, this girl arh, haven't salin finish already say no no no Sir" xD
Then dad fetch back.
Then ran away from home went out without informing parents.
Got busted Dad found me.
Brought me to pasar malam to sell to buy stuff =.=
I lost direction =.= Parents walk so damn fast. Mum one side, dad went another side.
I got damn fed up. Waited in the middle.
Saw Nic, Ric, Josi and Josh =)
Then mum want go buy dinner. Dad like damn freaking blurr don't know want go where.
Again I got pissed off. Walked straight to car.
Then go pick mum.
Reached home.
Asked dad to help take picture of me and mum washing dishes for Moral project.
Dad say don't disturb him watching show.
And he scolded me for rushing to do my moral project.
I don't even know what's the reason I got scolding =.=
He don't want take? Nevermind larh. Tomorrow ask gor take!
Then I ask mum take for other photos. He damn sibuk wan take.
I ignored him and ask him please don't help.
Then here I am blogging =.=
I still got 2 kerja amal to do T.T
Sigh. Holiday suck to the max!
Gosh, I haven't inform Gin that I'm not going tomorrow.
Getting ready to be called a ffk-er again =.=

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