Monday, June 08, 2009

TS! =)
On Sunday, Hui Jun, Sheryl and I went to Times Square.
It was a rather last minute plan =)
But still it worked out.
Who say last minute plans don't work out perfectly?
Well, I can say this is one of those perfect last minute plannings =)
Morning woke up early and watched cartoon ^^ as usual.
Then got ready and went to Sheryl's house to pick them up.
Reach TS nia we go buy ticket.
Hui Jun, you forgot to blog bout something!
That guy with the 10, 000 BC hairstyle xD
Hui Jun keep saying, "Eh I wanna touch his hair" =.=
And she keep wondering whether got kutu or not =.=
Sheryl had free ticket for movie. NOT FAIR!
Then nevermind.
Movie started.
More elaboration view here.
Yea, I hate that small girl too =.=
After that went gasoline =)
We took damn long just to pick the food =.=
Here are some pictures with my owh-so-lame-and-low-quality-phone =D

This picture says it all wei!
Sheryl SOT-ing one baby =.=
That baby really kena sot till cannot sot dy =x
His family want leave the place dy then he came over to our place and cry =x
Really damn cute lerh ^^
Then sing k in Sg Wang.
Then walk walk yi xia.
This part damn funny.
I have no idea why we splitted =.=
Sheryl walk damn fast, I walk moderate speed, Hui Jun walk damn kinda slow =x
Then I catch up with Sheryl and look behind.
We saw Hui Jun go turn lerh!!
She simply walk de!!
Then I look from behind her.
She walk then can't see us dy, she PANICKED =x =x LOL!
Funny dao xD
But after that I go take her larh =P
That whole day I kena call "dai ga jie" eh =.=
Just cause my birthday earlier than those 2 dao gei =x
Then walk walk walk, walk dao Times Square le.
Then at 6 something dad send them home =)

That was 7th June =)
Last minute planning rocks! =P

8th June =P

Had the longest midnight I could ever imagine. Sigh.
Thanks TK =)
Woke up damn early. Like really early ^^
Then got prepared and waited for Kah Choon and Brigs.
Wow, for the first time I ask my gor go sleep my room, he actually got up and moved to my room @.@ Thanks gor ^^
Then discuss lorh bout the EST thingy.
Kinda fun =)
Cause watch Youtube the whole time.
And of course crapped xD
Then 12.30 dad sent them back.
Dad went out. Before that he ask what lunch I want.
So I waited =.=
And waited.
And waited =.=
Till I slept off zzz
Till 4pm.
I woke up and saw no food =.=
Then slept back.
Till 5pm.
He's still not back yet =.=
5.10pm, he's finally back.
With nasi lemak =.=
Fine, I'll just take my lunch at 5.15pm.
Then rushed for tuition.
In tuition.
Common topic.
Food =.= Chocolate =.= And Movie =.=
But today got add more. Something call MARTINI =P

Tomorrow addmaths tuition =)
Sure gonna be fun ^^

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