Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nowadays damn malas blog.
Maybe there's just nothing to blog bout.
Tomorrow school reopen. Sigh.
As usual, IHATEMONDAYS! Arghh..
Anyway, I still can't wait to go to school and meet my cute cute cute cute cute Pavi xD
Can't wait to see her face when I give to her the thing I bought for her xD
Omgosh, I can't wait xD

I got nothing to do now.
Way pass my sleepy time =.=
So now I'm just browsing through Mabel's photos taken in Genting! Woots!
Heard lotsa stories bout that camp =P
M&M?? Hmm? Explanation please!! =P

Anyway, 10th and 11th July booked! =D
When's camp btw? 0.o
I forgot =.=

Gosh, I can't believe I'm in the same BEC with Bryan Arul.
Well, weird larh.
Same age, same cathecism, now same BEC some more.
And my new BEC is like so few families.
During Prayer Meet, can count using fingers also.
That day was the first Prayer Meet for this year xD
Their last one was in Janury 2008 xD
Woots! A start of something new =P

Erm, I damn malas do the tag eh people.
When I free I will do kay.
That might be erm, on Thursday x_X

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