Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And so I continue blogging. It's already my 270th post ^^
So, any improvement in life? Yep, totally. Less emo, actually no more emo just moodless at times. I'm glad I've changed ^^ Guang Liang bear bear rocks ^^
Kay, I'm crapping again -.-
So life goes on. I'm still that happy go lucky girl we all knew since form 1. Yep, she's the girl, the one that listens and will not speak unless being ask to.
Slacking in class T.T I miss being that "goodie good girl" in class T.T The one that pays attention to the teacher when he/she is teaching and the one that completes all the assignments assigned to her, but somehow there is nothing that pushes her to complete all of it.
Is she lost? Kinda, I'm guessing. Future unseen, making visions blurred and unrealistic.
Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open. The one and only thing that has been missing in me for a couple of weeks. PRAYERS.
PMR year was a hectic year for me but I got through it through prayers and that's what I'm gonna do again this year.

Pray more.

Play less.

Listen more.

Talk less.

Today for some reason Chem teacher got angry -.- Some people didn't pay attention in class causing the whole class to kena. Sigh. I bet one of them was me =x But she teach too damn soft and I have absolutely no idea what she's teaching neither where she is teaching in the freaking chemistry book -.- I seriously need some catching up in chemistry.

Haha, I noticed that I didn't camwhore for like damn freaking long dy. No time I guess. Or maybe self appearance doesn't really matters anymore.

A few weeks more till exam. My first target is to pass everything. I wanna pass, just wanna pass. It's so freaking hard for me to concentrate in my studies with all these additional works and pressures.

Gonna shift house soon, yada yada yada, been saying the same thing for more than a year =x So, yea, finally gonna shift in March. Will I miss this house? Will I miss the experience I had in this house? Will I still come back here and stay? Will the memories fade or will it remain untouched and remembered always?

Time always being occupied, it is sure to be tiring but at least I have fun and somehow scars starts to be removed. Being loyal to PPS and trying to cope with everything in hand and about to reach out for ^^

Tomorrow is someone's birthday. Happy "sexyback" seventeen to that boy. That leng zai that was born on 12 February 1992. A gift from God. A perfect guy that every girl dreams of or dreamed of xD So we all know his birthday is tomorrow. So remember to wish this dude tepat-ly at 12am tonight ^^ Yesh, it is Anson's birthday! Woots~



DUDE! =)

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