Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally I get to use the computer. It has been like a thousand years since I last touched it =x Kay larh, not that long. Maybe just a week or two, but it was hectic okay!

This time I will share some photos that will make our hearts go "Awwwwww~!" =D


This is my precious precious cutie Ee Lyn =D The one and only small cousin that I can actually go near xD Cause the rest just cries -.-
She's so damn freaking cute! I remember on either one day of CNY, I went her house, then when she was sitting and eating, I went and sat on the same chair she was sitting, simply go sit larh. Then she suddenly got off the chair, I thought she scared of me. Then she go near the drawer there then ask my dad to take for her a spoon. Then she gave me the spoon ^^ Then my aunt ask why she so good to me de. And say that she never did that to any of her elder sisters before. *Bangga sia~*
And and and..that day I went to her house again. My whole family went marh. But when enter her house time she call me nia xD xD
Addition to CNY event, now my younger cousins all call me "sweetie pie" -.-ll Why? Cause got one night we, the small cousins (okay, I'm in the small cousins group -.-) ate roti tisu which had like so much sugar. They say the next morning we wake up we will be so damn sweet. But I have no idea why they ONLY call ME sweet -.- When my cousin brother call me "sweetie", all stared at him and did that "phewweet" whistle -.-ll So okay, back to Ee Lyn the baby ^^ She's cute lerh. I think when she grow big dy, sure got many 'guys' kao her de ^^
So this is a puppy called "Pacchy". I think that's how they spell the name. I know how to pronounce but I'm bad in spelling T.T This is how it looked when it was a puppy larh.
Then it eventually grew into this! ^^ Still cute but very 'gong gong' wan this dog =x
Me and my elder cousin sister tried throwing the small tennis ball and ask it to fetch, it just stood there like we're talking to it's tail -.-ll LOL But cute larh. According to people, cute dogs are DUMB -.- Talking bout dogs, it reminds me of Hema's dog, Sita xD I still remember the time I was there, when I was washing the dishes...andd.....LOL...secret! xD

So the pictures of 'aww-ness' is over. Let's post some of Nic's pictures =x LOL Don't think it's neccessary -.- Didn't see him for don't know how long dy T.T Since my confirmation day T.T

Anyway, keep Briggita in prayers peeps! She's having a brain nerve injury. Her right hand just moves by itself. I witnessed it with my own eyes people! It's scary T.T I sit right next to her and one day it just started touching my hand, I thought she was calling me or something, I kept asking why and eventually screamed at her =x But she just pulled her hand away and told me that she didn't even know her hand was touching mine T.T SCARY! So just keep her in your prayers kay! She's eating so damn much medicine -.- I see also I want vomit -.- And she was like shivering today in school. I see also want cry -.- Okay, I know I over sensitive, but really kesian larh T.T And she's my BFF T.T

Okay, change topic, since I didn't blog so long dy, this might be a very long one =D
Today BM was kinda fun. Teacher made it compulsary for every one of us to speak BM during her classes. So Sree was suppose to present bout Konserto Terakhir's Bab 3. He kept using BI, so teacher say one BI word, kena denda 5 cent -.- So he kena like rm3 -.-ll All the money goes to the class tabung. But for today's money, goes to the derma for Palestine de =)
So then Lynn and Shageetha kena also =x Then Mana was "pasang-ing telinga" to Brig's and Pavi's conversation cause seriously when they speak BM, it's kinda VERY AWKWARD! So then I ask Mana why is she staring. Then she reply, "Nak dengar korang speaking" So then Mana kena denda also xD Then Pavi go shout "YESH....Stupid!" LOL Pavi want kenakan people, she sendiri also kena xD Then when masa finish dy, Ky and Tk they all say, "Lepas Pn Melati keluar, sesiapa yang cakap BM kena denda" xD xD

So that's what practically happened today. Sigh, another kursus kepimpinan to go on VALENTINE's DAY T.T Why owh why??! T.T But I don't even have a date, so who caress~ Wee~ =D Pavi will be my loyal date on that day ^^ She had always been ^^ One day kursus mana cukup de -.- Form 2 time damn nice ^^ Get to stay there for one night then mandi sungai some more =D But made someone angry at me T.T But after 3 months later that person okay back dy xD

Gosh, my blog is becoming an essay -.- Enough of writing dy. I can write damn freaking long for my blog but can't for my essays -.-

2 more days~~!! ^^

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