Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just received an sms from kayu. He ask me how was my date with hoab?! Wth -.-ll
And so it was a happy morning. At least I had a few 'suap' of fried rice before I went to school.
So I reached school happily, went into the class happily cause I know I finished most of my homework ^^
So first masa was English, teacher did not enter -.- Then BM, was fun ^^ Yep, BM is ALWAYS fun =]
We had komsas today, Brigs and Vanessa 'rap-ped' the syair xD Pavi so totally rock-ed out the syair man! She use 'lovebug' tune xD Joachim tried to deklamasikan sajak but ha ha, nice try xD Brig volunteered me -.-ll I know I sucked but haha, I sang 2 baris then I got all shy and I sat down xD Brig continued for me. Haha, thanks a lot ^^
So then again got people kena denda for speaking English during BM lesson. Then PJ, played congkak with Lynn ^^
And history was erm, okay I guess, nothing much. Then recess, no recess for AJK BSM -.- We had meeting during the freaking recess, like the time I get to eat. And some more today my mum woke up early to make 'bekal' for me T.T So we skipped recess and also half of first masa of Physics. We entered late and teacher kinda ejek-ed us. Damn shyt larh -.- She called herself 'wacko' -.- Owh, like whatever -.- Then for the first time I sat at the back for Physics -.-
I was 'trying' to pay attention larh. She was explaining bout the peka thingy which I did not complete cause I knew I wasn't a artist so I did not draw the diagram -.- Then I keep going in front to ask teacher whether my drawing and all correct or not.
Read Lynn's blog for more info. When I was about to leave the lab, teacher suddenly say, "Felicia, pay attention in class kay?". I was like, huh? okok -.-
So tonight I need to complete the peka and pass it up tomorrow.
We were late for EST, teacher got freaking pissed off so she don't wanna teach, good larh -.-
Then she ask us pass up the homework tomorrow, it's like OH MY FREAKING GOSH! So damn much. Siao man! Then Kc x berani say "terima kasih" to teacher when habis masa cause scared teacher angry xD Then Bio, erm, FUN! ^^ I was bullying Vanessa xD Haha, cause she's scared of all the scientific bloody stuff xD Okay, I left my money in the lab -.- My money fell on the floor then during lesson I malas bend down and take resulting to forgetful me loosing my money -.-
After school I fast fast eat the fried rice in front lab -.- Cause was waiting for Kavi. Then 2pm dy I go muhibbah square there. Then go see HOAB -.- She got work, ask me wait for 20 minutes. So okay lorh, I told teacher I got kawad practice, want go down. She say okay. And so the waiting started till it was 3pm. I was frust! Real frust! Her 20 minutes is like FOREVER, wth man -.-
Then she finally came down at 3.30pm -.-
Then Hanis and I followed her to Suntex there geh pasar borong to buy all those candies -.-
Then I walked to Nyky bookshop to buy manila cards to make those cards -.-
Then walked back. You know, when I was walking home, I suddenly wished someone would just drive the car pass me and say, Hey, hope on, I'll send you home -.-
But that obviously did not happen. So here I am feeling all tired and pissed at the one and only

Work for today ..
Est homework.
Sejarah notes.
SU work.
And the first thing I need to do tomorrow is to go open the computer lab and wait for her freaking car to come and shift all the freaking things into the freaking lab -.- She's a freaking FREAK!

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