Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am finally BACK! =)

I will NOT post about CNY cause I can barely remember anything other than cute cute Ee Lyn ^^ So lets leave it as a 2009 MYSTERY =P
It's cool to be mysterious and suspicious ^^

I just wanna thank xCm for listening to my problems on the 2nd of February ^^ Thanks for advising me. Eventhough normally I don't take your advice but I'm quite sure I'm following yours this time. *Be proud of yourself DUDE!* =D

I'm declaring that How Teck Kien LOVES PINK!! xP
I know I damn bad but I love disturbing and annoying you. =P *Blekk!*

What else? Hmm..Parents meeting class teacher is such an embarrasement. Btw, my English is becoming suck-ier as day passes by -.- I can't believe I got a 30/50 for my freaking essay -.- I suck -.-

Who cares, hate English anyway. BM is way better =D

CNY passed so damn freaking fast man. Wish I could just sit down and enjoy it to the max T.T

*K I'm freaking annoyed with this lame labby, just now I typed damn banyak, manatau dc dy -.- So all tak save. And I'm sooo lazy to re-write all. So I will just leave it here. Beh song dy T.T

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