Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kay, holiday just ended. School started AGAIN -.-
So lets start my story from Saturday (7th Feb 09) morning ^^
I got up, erm, actually mum woke me up, went and bathe and wished my mum Happy Birthday together with 2 prezzies ^^
Then everyone got ready and off to Johor by 9am =]
So was in the car, freaking bored -.- Then mum got a msg from doink, wishing her happy birthday and all. Then mum got so happy -.- She was like teasing me never wish her happy birthday. HELLO, I WISHED YOU IN THE MORNING!
I couldn't sleep no matter how tight or loose I closed my eyes T.T Was freaking suffering. Anyhow, I fell asleep afer a long time. Then suddenly my mum woke me up -.-ll I baru fell asleep, head was paining like don't know what ni -.- Then got down of car, then saw Ee Lyn xD xD Mood jadi good dy..
Btw, we were at Ayer Keroh pit stop. There got playground so go watch them play. Walao, there geh wind blow damn COLD! Seriously cold. I was freezing -.- Then my aunt laugh at me, wth -.-
Then after a while, all went in car and teruskan journey. Then slept off again till reach Kulai, our destination. Like FINALLY LARH! =D
Then one aunt say wait at Shell, relatives from Kulai will pick us up from there, but x datang-datang -.- Then they say wrong Shell -.- So all damn kelam kabut cause we don't know the roads there. We 3 cars all like sesat-ers -.- So then after a while Angeline Jie come and direct us to her house. Go there then eat. Then I lupa what I did dy. Then mahjong, makan, house warming...bla bla bla...saw Ting Jie geh new bf -.-ll How could she change bf larh T.T Her ex was like so freaking nice -.- Last time some more brought us go YC at mamak till 2am -.-
Nevermind, human change. Then gamble with gor, dad, ah ku and 3 ah tiaos..Win win win lose lose lose lorh -.- I don't know why when I say that everyone laughed -.- So gambled till 3am something then went and sleep at Jasmine Jie's room. She sleep on same bed with her bf -.-ll
Oh yea, when we reach the house there, mum received another msg from doink and I told her it's from a guy, then my cousin sister ask who lei geh. My mum say from her bf. Omgosh, wth -.-

Then Sunday morning le. Woke up at 9am. Wanted to watch spongebob de, but my younger cuzzies all wanna watch other Singapore cartoons -.- So rang ta men -.- Then I didn't wanna eat breakfast but dad forced me T.T Then don't know what I did le. Till noon I beh song mum then went and sleep xD Then after I woke up, go pasar malam. Me, gor and Ting Jie thought walk to pasar malam, manatau Angeline Jie say need sit car de. She drive damn fast sia -.- Then reach pasar malam, bought one dvd, "Mirrors". Erm, I will not talk bout it cause I will be scaring myself if I do -.- Then go back, ate all the leftovers of dinner -.- Not enough sia -.- Then bathe and watch DVD ^^ Till 11 something. Then had this meeting -.- Family meeting thingy -.- Till after 12am. Then go in room. Slept in the same room with gor, Jasmine Jie and her bf -.- Then we all kheng gai larh till don't know what time. From education thingy till clubbing, wth -.-
Then finally all fell asleep.

The next thing I know was...it was morning, mum suddenly at door waking me up -.- Then don't know why mum always scold me de -.- Then go eat breakfast with everyone. Exchanged phone numbers and all. Then back to kl. On the way back, uncle's car rosak -.- So from one waja, 1 wira, 1 van, became 1 waja and 1 van. Lucky I shifted to the van. Can sleep properly =x Then go uncle's house in Puchong. Then ate chicken rice there which I thought wasn't neccessary -.-
Then on the way back, go light shop. Then go new house there, all painted dy ^^ My room geh 3 layered red + pink so totally worked out xD Then reach home at 6 something. Damn tired dy. Didn't wanna do hw -.- So lepak ni..

Till tuesday, that is today. Woke up in the morning and went to school. Kinda sien, ponteng-ed class, went library for like the whole before recess subjects -.- Sien. Then after recess went for Phy, teacher erm, kinda erm, talking too much -.- The whole class she taught bout antinodal line and nodal line, wth -.- Then moral, nothing much. And ended with Addmaths which I kena stand in class cause didn't do homework -.- Well, I don't get much of punishment, I mean, wth, felicia need to stand in class cause didn't finish her homework, wth -.- Then stayed back for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -.-ll Too little people came for latihan rumah sukan so didn't do any freaking thing. Wasted my freaking time. Then.....don't wanna cerita dy. Damn lazy, gotta go complete my homework T.T

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