Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm pretty moody now. NOT EMO. Will not emo *smlies a little bit*
So I'm so freaking moody lazy to even blog. Sigh.
But today was a FUN day. Yep, real fun. Thanks to people that made my day bright ^^
Yea, it was all kelam kabut in the beginning. Real kelam kabut. But in the end everything went smoothly. Go with the flow is so fun and nice =D
Pink Panther II rocks okay! No arguement allowed here!
Okay, I went crazy in Popular bookshop and also in the car. That was the only time I didn't care bout anything else in the whole wide freaking suckish world and just laughed my lungs out. My jaw so totally hurt after laughing =D

When I got home, I gave my mum the cake I bought for her. After a while mum ask me whether I brought a dog back. I was confused. Then I went out and saw a dog @.@ The dog was afraid of me, me! Nevermind~
Then it eventually went out larh. Forget it larh -.-

Night time was pretty hectic. Yea, the all duty thingy. Don't wanna spill it out here cause it involves moody stuff. So just leave it in mind. And I will try to forget it immediately everytime I remember it @.@ LOL

Secrets hidden behind me. Deng, hc-ness -.- Hate that unknown feeling. But I'm afraid to face the truth T.T Whatever it is, sooner or later I will have to face it larh. Sigh. Just hope I can forget him A.S.A.P. But how? T.T Teach me larh someone T.T

Gonna be gone for 3 days. Anything sms or call me kay ^^

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