Friday, July 18, 2008

I remember that day I offered Sir Zafran the chocolate I brought to school. He said "I don't eat chocolate". But he took one piece =)
The next day I went to him again and asked whether he wants another chocolate. He said "I don't eat chip chocolate".
Then me and Pavi was thinking. Its chocolate chip, why he said chip chocolate. Then I asked him again whether he wants it. He say "I scared I vomit, cause I don't eat CHEAP chocolate". -.-ll
Then I got what he was trying to say xD
Then today me, Brig and Pavi rehat together. At the round table. Brig was writing the drama script. Then me and Pavi was just looking around ^^
Then we talked bout Sir Zafran. Brig ask whether we know the song 'Hot' by Avril. Then we say yea. Then she sang it.
Its about Sir Zafran larh.
"You make me so blurr. Make me wanna die. You're so ridiculous, you can barely stop"
Damn nice larh. Today whole day like no belajar nia.
Go up class then everyone was so into the drama costumes. Sree so damn sporting man! Can't believe it!
He looks cute in that baju tho. Then Cm also. Wah, Cm nice skirt! =)
Then start EST. She talked and talked larh. Then moral.
Moral arh..very weird wan larh. Everytime I hafal nilai, suddenly teacher will ask me something wan.
That day she ask me whether I got bf or not. I gave a hard 'no'. Then today she asked me whats my ambition -.-
Anyway, left 4 more nilai to hafal =)
After moral was BM and PJ. Same teacher, no teacher ^^
Tk taught me addmaths =)
Thanks dude!
Then recess. As mentioned above.
After recess, Bi, no teacher again -.-
Then was maths. She just talked larh. Then gave all the exercise. She say damn easy to teach our class cause all smart people -.-
After school, mum fetched.
Reach home, cook maggi and eat. At 2pm go church do the exhibition thingy till 5pm.
Go home then go jog with Cm. Go round and round suntex -.-
But fun larh =)
Then come home straight sit at pc xD
Next week can't liao lorh. Got that inter-religion session. in class damn fun lorh. Safri is ssooooooo funny man! =)

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