Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aiyo, come here don't know what to type..
Hmm, just simply crap larh.
1st. Bm teacher kinda em song our class -.-
Why? Cause everytime pj, no people bring baju -.-
So she angry and banned pj-ing. Only pk! How boring is that???
2nd. Bi oral -.- Hate oral!! T.T
3rd. BSM. Hahaha. Wakaka. Dai sei dai sei! Everyone also setuju bout this! Wakaka. Damn freaking happy =)
4th. This Sunday - Hope my dad free lorh. Go gai gai with Hjun ^^
5th. House phone got problem -.- Don't know what happen.
On 15th July, start beh iong d T.T
Yesterday I complained to my mum bout the durian. See see night got pasar malam, she go buy for me =)
Then I open eh..hehe..
But after open then hand pain liao.
Btw, that day I wanted go see doctor de. But no time. Mum say this weekend ask dad bring me go. But...erm..sure x jadi wan xp
Hmm..what else eh..
Btw, that english quest thingy right. Just type out the q then all the answer will come out de. Trust me. Teacher took from the internet =)
Aiyo, don't know what to talk about larh. School don't seem to be nice anymore though. It has became boring and.....lifeless. Don't know why. Being at home sleeping is much more fun.

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