Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today kinda busy day but not tired. =D
Morning woke up at 8am. Can't go Lye house T.T
Then just sit at the couch do nothing till erm...9 sumthing.
Then go brush teeth and eat breakfast. I wanted to drink something. So I made milo. The condense milk expire liao. But I still use. Hmm, well I'm still alive aite =)
Then Josh sms me say he going church. I was like, walao damn early merh. He say he haven't polish all.
I some more eat breakfast so damn slow. I told him will go church at 10. After eat I polish a bit larh. Then bo polish boots. I reach there then realise I forgot bring nametag -.- Called my dad bring for me xD
Go church saw Josh got polish liao. So I also start polishing boots lorh. Then at 10.45 got briefing. Hmm..then start work at 11.40.
Ended at 12.30 something gua~
Then walk back. Eat and polish again.
Then bathe and go BB.
Today worship song lorh =)
Today no badge class, do discussion. Then drill. Today dismisal late lorh. Go home lagi-lagi rush
Some more my bro didn't bathe yet -.-
Then mum baru balik dari work -.-
All damn swts wan.
Then go church...woohooo =)
Today gospel talk bout the weeds and wheats =D
Learned that in BB like last month? hmm..
Then Father Michael homily. Fun and short.
3 ways to face temptations.
1. Be alert - Always be alert of all temptations around you.
2. Be patience - Like the sower. He planted the wheats then at night got people go put weeds -.-
Then he say don't pluck it out. Let both grow together. He say if pull the weeds out then sure the wheats also will follow out de. So just let both grow together. =)
3. Be prepared - Be prepared for what is installed for us in front. Stop the drama. Don't act good nor bad. Just be yourself. When the day comes, He will separate the good and the bad. Then on that day, all masks will be open =)
Wah, he just say that lorh. All like damn straight forward and easy to understand. Not like Fr Andrew's homily. I must crack my brain to understand what he says xD
Then he talk bout conflicts larh. Today comments on mass. Choir sux. Organ too soft -.-
Worship time kinda slow and erm...not nice larh.
After mass go KFL buy food. Then makan2 =)
Btw, if I'm not mistaken today I'm suppose to go see doctor xD
But ended up not going..haha..normal larh xD
Hand still paining. That day I told my mum 3 weeks liao the pain. Guess what she said. Aiya, other people pain till after a few months only heal. Then you ma wait larh. Hmm, fine..I'll wait -.- dad like em song I join so many activity. Today he ask me why I join so many. I say if not then my life will be wasted xD
Then he say, what bout my homeworks. I say I know how to uruskan my masa. Then he say good and walked off. Good sign lei geh. =)
I'm in love. With the song 'Do you remember' and 'Cause I love you' =)

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