Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today my birthday eve eh!! =)
I came online nia the doink Melvin wished me happy birthday eve -.-
Every year also got birthday present from school wan -.-
Last year on 30th July 2007, get injection -.-ll
This year on 30th July 2008, get exam papers -.-ll
Btw, even before my birthday already got present lorh. But still I be good girl dont want open the present xD
Wait till my birthday lorh! =)
Btw, today right...
Hmm..come home no food -.-
Sumore today bus come so late.. I after 2.30 only reach home -.-
Then just heat up something and eat.
Then gor say want eat yamcake. Then sumore I must go order cake. WTH! My birthday I order cake -.-
Other people's birthday also I order -.-
Then I ma go lorh. Then want go buy yamcake, the stall no open. Then walk back lorh -.-
Reach home liao then go see see the plant outside. Then saw the birdnest. Hehe. Got 3 eggs inside lerh. So damn cute xD xD

K next, talk bout exam.
Yesterday was erm..chemist, addmaths and also Bm. Overall ok gua. Chemist I dunno lerh T.T
Yesterday stayed back in school, wanted to study but ended up talking the whole time and not even reading a page -.-
Came home damn tired. Slept at 10pm. Then I have no idea why yesterday so many people call my phone -.-
Then I put alarm at 4am. Wanted to get up and read. So at 4am I got up and read maths -.-
Then read SJ a bit. Then at 4.40 I slept back.
Woke up to get ready for school at 5.40am and got to school by 6.50. Hmm, maths was okay. Bio was erm..kinda ok I guess -.-
EST was hard -.-
SJ was...BLANK! Ginny ask me how to do..I told her just leave it blank -.-
Cause I have no idea hth to do -.-
Shuen ba larh. Mmg aim to fail liao xD
wakaka..who cares -.-
Tomorrow phy, Bi and moral..cool subjects but too bad I hate English xD
But somehow I'll excel in it...
Anyway, after my birthday my hj didi birthday lorh..on the same day I must pass up my moral kerja amal which I still havent get started on. Hmm..

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