Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nothing happened recently. Yesterday had BB open day =)
Damn happy that Hem, Gurv, Shagee, Mei Yin and the gang came =)
Then today..Hmm. Morning suppose no people fetch me to church geh but after that got liao. So went church no class. Listen to one talk bout mind setting. I remember got SMS. Static mind set xD
Then after that come home I eat and then sleep. Till 2.30 then go church learn addmaths =)
Then Yang got band practice..after he left then all started playing nia =x
CC and Samson larh. They were playing with the video thingy. Make me damn interested =x
Haha. Then I also join them. Wakaka. Then SY buli CC. -.-
What CC do? He pull my shirt!! Zadou!!
The 2nd time SY buli him, I ran as fast as possible xD
Then he took my hp worh -.-
He ran out of church. Then I kejar him -.-
Wah, today felt like a small kid. ^^
Then till 6 sumthing, finish band liao. Continue doing addmaths. But overall today damn fun ^^
Come home, eat ownmade rice =)
Then start studying chemist.
Still got a lot videos in my phone =)
Anyone wanna see? Call me larh ^^

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