Monday, July 21, 2008

Too many things, too little time.
Am I the only one that is feeling that this verse is so damn suitable for every form 4?
So many things haven't gao tim. And more and more stuffs are coming in -.-
Even bad luck are arising -.-ll
Anyway, list of things to be done by this week.
MAJOR THING - Exams are next week. Hmm. Haven't touch any of the books. Can I just fail every single subject? Nvm rite? Test nia ma =)
BSM - F&B? Aiyo, still haven't gao tim. Damn cha lorh me. Haiz. Still thinking lorh. No one help!! T.T
Drama - Competition tomorrow or Wednesday? @.@ Blurr..I don't even know my lines! God bless us please!
BB - Sei, I haven't call all the leaders and ask -.- Got from Anson liao. Tonight will call Sq 1 ldr and Sq 5 ldr. Hmm..waiting from sq 2 and 3 -.-
One more thing, worship. Haiz, haven't hafal the lyrics man! And some more must hafal and read up on the exhibition thing. So dead larh!
Got some more. That day steamboat geh money mei collect. Sei lorh -.-
Anyway, this week schedule damn tight. Hope I got time to at least read a bit of every single subject larh. In class dah larh don't pay attention. So dead lar!! T.T
Monday has passed.
5.40am wake up, go school like normal. Come home from school at 5.30pm. On pc blog this. Waiting mum come home by public bus -.-
Haiz. It will be a very long night larh.
Btw, tomorrow's schedule..
Tuesday - Go school like normal, stay back for drama..then come home and do normal stuffs.
Wednesday - Go school, stay back for koko...then go church..till dunno what time then come home continue study gua or do hw...
Thursday - Go school, come home study.
Friday - Go school, go bt 9 church, go church -.- (use whole day liao)
Saturday - Morning school till 10, go BB till 6pm..then go suntex hall -.-
Sunday - Morning church...come back home no more outting man!! MUST STUDY!!
Now I realise that I have not much time more to study. Haiz. I have no idea what we've studied for physics, chem, sej and also bio -.-
So dead man!
Aiyo, SS sumore got activity. This Sunday must report to teacher bout it. Chill larh. Haiyo. Nothing biggy also larh. -.-

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