Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today blog early..
Yesterday night was a chaos!
My damn bro tada balik rumah till 3am I think. Walao, my dad made a big fuss out of it -.-
Whats the big deal? 0.o
Then he was shouting in the living room asking my mum to call my bro and blaming my mum for every damn thing -.-
Fyi, I was sleeping in the living room. It has become my temporary room -.-
After they argued for like 10 minutes, I couldn't stand it. Got up and shouted at them to shut up xD
Aiyo, I wanna sleep larh. Some more the next day had to wake up early. Then after that they went silent -.-
At 3 something my bro came bck. -.-
My bro didn't even greet my mum. She was sitting there all the while -.-ll
I don't know from which womb my bro came from. He has no respect for his parents all all. Damn him larh!
Why is he so different from me?
Then finally peace man!
I can continue sleeping. But damn many mosquitoes!
Nvm, terus slp.
Then morning liao. Woke up at 9am. Get ready, eat all. Then went church at 10.40am.
Then today class got bible hunt. No indoor activity. =)
Everyone was divided into groups. My group members were..
Joshua William
Jason B
Hmm..thats all I think. Yups, 7 people. In my group can consider I alone girl cause Michelle keep running away with Rachel -.-
Then go around the whole church larh looking for the place and clues. Yep, bible questions..aha..
Got one q they ask who is John the Baptist punya mak. Then the 'pro' say don't know worh. Zadou! The pro is Joshua larh. Then I ma say lorh. Mary punye sista larh, Elizabeth -.-
Then the feeding of multitude people. I thought we learnt that in Matthew? But it was in Luke. Then Josh told me that it is in all the Gospel. Then I was like 'oooooowwwwhhhh' xD
So smart huh he xD
I know my bible knowledge not good. But at least I knew a few ma =)
9 place, 9 q altogether. But q number 3 we couldn't find the place. They put there, the holy spirit will come upon you and rest in you -.- We couldn't find the place. So we went near the 12th station and just lepak there to try to figure out what they will ask xD
That was kinda dumb. Then we go find in the bible which verse got that.
Then when we went to the office, another group was there. Richard's group larh. He asking us mana q2 and 3. We told them 3 times where it was. They just couldn't find it. Then got people call them telling the clue was behind the Mother Mary thingy. Then they found one there. But we also needed one. Couldn't find. So we just sit in the office xD
Resting! Then Matthew put his hand below the table. Manatau got one paper there xD
That was the q. There got one q, write one prayer to Mother Mary (other than Hail Mary)
Hmm...HAil Holy Queen lorh. All couldn't remember xD
I don't know, I just pass the answer sheet to Josh xD
Then he write larh. Then answer all d go back to class. The last q paling funny wan. It was suppose to ask us to go find the teacher of all teacher that was teacher Sharon. We found her and the clue says go to the place where people gather and eat. Then sing the Lord's song. Then we thought find the verse in the bible -.-
Rupa-rupanye go Coffee Corner sing Our Father to all people -.-
Then me, Josh, Matthew, DJ, Jason B go outside class and just shouted the hymm larh xD
Damn funny larh. Thank God my group got 3 pro =)
Josh, DJ and also Matthew! They always go for bible class, not like me. Sacrifice bible class for BB. Haiz. The sun was blazingly hot man! When we walk to shade place, vision all damn blurr wan.
Bible hunt was fun. For the first time xD
We get to answer all the q =)
Got one q ytd in BB got learn wan. Why is the bible a basis for human life..hehe..
Btw, got the t-shirt liao. =)
I ask Mabel whether he knows Melvin Lim. Guess what Mabel ask me back.
"Owh, that short short guy arh?"
Zadou..mel short? Then I ma very short? 0.o
Wanted to take pic during bible hunt but lazy take hp out larh. =)

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