Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woots 30th July liao =)
Last night slept around 11.50pm. The cause of it?? That babi ask me go online but when I go online, he say wait for 30 minutes, he want eat supper -.-
Then I lazy on liao, I want sleep. Then before 12am messages came in =)
It kept ringing till I can't sleep so I switch it to silent and went to sleep xD
Morning wake up read all the messages. Replied some, that I think will reply me back..
Then go school. The moment Shagee entered the bus, she wished me Happy Birthday =)
Yesterday she was trying to promote that my birthday is today -.- Haha.
Then reach school, Hem all like so quiet nia. Then suddenly Shagee shouted and say "Eh, today Feli's birthday larh. Why never wish her?"
Haha. They say she spoiled the surprise xD
Happy larh =)
Then all wish lei wish hui lorh..
Go up there, CM wish me. He gave me a hug but he say that one not real hug xD
Kavi's birthday time he gave Kavi 2 times of hug. I want 3!! =x
So then he still owe me 3 times of hug.
Today exam sux! SUX BIG TIME! Zafran's present to me! Haiz!
Anyway, don't want talk bout exam xD
After school. Ate at canteen then was late for raptai watikah -.-
Damn hot lerh! At padang sumore -.-ll
Then teacher say I angkat dulang. At first I was like, WTH is dulang -.-
The sun burned my brain till become so blurr xD
I sat in front lorh. Then JY put grass in BJ's pants -.- LAME LARH!! xD
After finish liao I told teacher my birthday today. Then she ask why never tell her earlier -.-
Last week I already tell her lorh. She say she forgot xD
Then pss meeting start. Juju so angry today xD
All so kelam kabut. CM say I no reaction de merh today birthday. Normal nia. Nothing biggy also. xD
Then he wrote..
"Feli luv CM
Happy Bday"
Haha. His temporary present to me =)
Then halfway meeting I lari go hentian muhibah there celebrate lorh.
The 'gang' sediakan pizza for me lerh!! =)
Then eat eat eat lorh. Then everyone happy then something happened! =)
Hmm, dunno who write de lerh that post xD
Then after that, at 4.10pm I take public bus home =)
Walk to bus stop no bus. Wait a while then got liao.
The weather was damn freaking hot man!
Then sit till bt 9 school there got down and went to the shop in front of church and bought yamcake for my bro and I. Yesterday he wanted but the shop din open. So today I bought for him lorh =)
Then walk back. Reach home, sweating like hell xD
Anyway, thanks to those who gave me presents =)
Btw, I know now first time Tk do card for people lorh. I really appreciate it a lot! And Lynn, she sprayed perfume on the present she gave me xD
When I open it, I felt so damn sweet. And when I put my hp in it, it smells sweet. When I use my hp, I think of her >.<
I will remember Yang, Lois and Jes that forgot to take the price tag out xD xD
And also Pavi that wrote his name on the present she gave me =)
I love cards cause I can keep and treasure it. Trust me, I have a full collection of cards. Even from form 1. Hehe. Sumone ter-read it that day. Damn malu lerh! Eh, the person that read it, pls don't tell anyone xD

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