Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hehe. Yesterday celebrated my birthday at home with my family. Damn swts larh. They reached home with the cake..Okay fine..
Then mum say hungry liao so I took the cake to the living room. Okay fine..
Then I lighted the candle and waited for them to sing Happy Birthday song to me. But no one started -.-
Everyone just started doing their own work and minding their own bussiness -.-ll
Then I started singing to myself like an idiotic fool -.-
Haiz. Then I shouted and say why no one singing??!! xD
Then mum sang larh.
Then cut cake and all..hehe..
Heres my ice-cream cake!! ~~

My dumb bro took the pic so late only got smokeee..
From my dad's fon taken by my bro..
My dad take de..from my damn blurr..lamo!
My bro enjoying MY cake!!
Hehe. That's all for yesterday. Nothing special actually.
Today 31st July 2008 le. Ham Jon geh birthday! Admit it! Im your Jie!! xD
Today he no go no present for him. On saturday give ba. Tomorrow arh? Felt like skipping school. Stomach not feeling well again. Haiz.
Today after school, came home eat maggi. Then straight sleep. Can't do anything much also cause no electricity. Btw, today in school a lot things happened. Don't want tell here ba. So damn private xD
Haha. K I slept till lik 6 sumthing and woke up. Today my bro suppose to do the cooking as he always does. But today he say he was lazy so I did the cooking. Started from before 7pm til like 8pm -.-ll
Damn freaking long lerh. What I cooked? Erm, rice, vege, fried chicken pieces and also baked beans. Hmm..dunno whether taste nice or not. That one tomorrow I'll post here xD
Now already 8.30 but I haven't eat. Today the shower bocor liao. Tomorrow no hot water use le T.T
So damn many things happened till I duno how to write. Just remember enough liao larh =)
Happy birthday dearest Han Jon.
Wish you all the best in life.
Always remember that God, Family and Friends are always there for you no matter what.

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