Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmm.. these few days kinda busy. No time come online =)
Next week exam. This week busy with some other thing.
Just got time to upload photos of the day of Drama Competition. It was an inter-class competition. Although it wasn't something big or important but everyone participated and had lotsa fun. Glad everyone could tag-along in it. =)
On the day of the competition, all Alfa-rians were busy preparing from costumes, memorising their lines and putting their make up.
If there were awards given out.
Let me see.
Best Actor - Sree
Best Actress - Brigs
Best Voice Projection - Ng BONG Jun xD
Cutest Character - xCm ^^
Haha. All of us really had fun on that day. Eventhough it wasn't perfect and we only stayed back to practice one day before the competition, but still we impressed the judges.
But...the moral of the story? Don't judge a book by it's cover and expect the unexpected =)
There were 3 choices in the story.
But the Beauty ended up choosing someone simple and kind-hearted. Yupz. That's the storyline.
A few captions on that day..
Was suppose to snap Van, but she elak -.-
KY and Angela still eating while others are already in costumes and in make up =)
Shagee putting on her make up. (She's 10 months pregnant according to her xD xD)
xCm and The Beast ^^
With their characters..
Sleepy, Genie. Prumpy and The Beast.
Mopping guy, Prumpy and RON STOPABLE!! *Cutez*
Half of the actors and actresses after the drama.
Mm must be thinking. Half?? Yea, our drama had 27 actors xD
Nice huh? Everyone was involved in it =) That's the unique thing bout it.

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