Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kay, since I got extra time after dinner..hmm..lets talk bout my sucking result xD
Overall ermm...results sux like hell!!
I failed my Chem!! =) Damn!
I got A1 for addmaths! Thanks Yang!! =)
Eng 78...watever..the subject I hate..
Bio it good? Nah..people can get 80? I only 68..NOOBSHYt!
Hmm..Thats all the paper we got larh. Hmm.
Today damn sad lorh. En Remi!! Please don't leave!
I like the way he teach berry berry berry maj!!
The way he teach exactly the same as my tutor (my uncle)!
The same method! Always finding their own simple way to complete and find the answer. And also always make joke during lessons. Love it a lot.
When he told us what happen I felt like crying. Seriously. If he really leaves the school, I feel like shifting too. Without a good addmaths teacher teaching, whats the use of studying in SMKP?
Other teachers sux lerh!
Except for a few larh.
When I told others (really close de) the story. Everyone blame on him. Not him him. Its him xD
But I don't think it's his fault. Haiz. Don't know larh. Kesian him lerh!! T.T
Haiyo, stupid chemistry brought my percentage down lerh. Shyt chemistry!
But dunno get marks time I was super duper calm! Like no reaction at all.
Haiz. But I don't know. In my view, theres this person larh. He/she got a B for Chem. But he/she was all, aiyo I'm so stupid, I feel so damn stupid, I've never gotten an A. He/she was telling all those in front of me. Then I just kept quiet larh. In my mind, I was thinking ....
If she got a B and say he/she is stupid..then should I go bang my head on the wall and mayb commit suicide cause if he/she is stupid then I am?? Erm..can say below stupid cause there's no other word to describe someone below stupid. Or I can call myself an idiot and a fool!
Haiz, I'm an idiot!!!
Anyway, today suppose to pass up the moral kerja amal.. Hmm...I use the whole moral time to do it. With the guidance of Pavi =)
She helped me damn much larh. Thanks to her! Muaxxxxxxiiiieee~~!
Then when masa finish I showed it to teacher. She say wah, damn good xD
Then I told her I used the whole moral time to do. Then she ask, wah so fast arh? Then I was like, errr yea xD
She say damn nice xD
Hehe. Happy but I feel weird cause I only used black pen on white paper and she compliment me? 0.o
I took back the papers..tomorrow must pass up le. I havent write the main tajuk and bidang. She says its ok. I can pass it up tomorrow =)
Thanks Cm for the motivational phrase =)
Yupz, all the challenges I meet in life now is not to break me but to make me ^^
Learning to master everything on earth is sumhow not possible but wanting to cope with everything on earth is sumhow sumthing possible. Everyday in our life we learn something new. Sometimes we might fail. But those are the things that make us strong and bad experiences help us in our future. Everyone learns from their mistake. Remembering sumthing bad helps in avoiding a mistake! Love your life, Enjoy your life to the fullest and never regret anything. Do not waste time cause it is an unforgiving moment!

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