Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I don't understand.
Why do girls, I mean women, suffers from menstrual cramps every time we get our menstruation.
Okay, there is some LUCKY women that do not experience it.
They're lucky!
Others will continue complaining and no guys will ever understand the pain.
So it's either remove the ovaries, or get married and keep getting pregnant! xD
Just to avoid menstrual cramps!

Anyway, the other day in lecture hall, I was freaking bored.
So I doodled =)
ITS, super boring.
Looks so calm =)

The other day, had pizza!
Yes, that cheesy cheesy cheesy pizza!
Can you see the cheese?!
It's so cheesy!

Today I was the chef =)
Ingredients :
4 packets of Mamee Kari Mee
3 egss
Choy sam ( I don't know what's the English name @.@)
& walaaahh!
Mamak mee goreng!
My speciality! =x
Normally I'll use Maggi mee but today I used Mamee.
I haven't tested it yet.
Hopefully it taste nice =)

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