Sunday, November 28, 2010


As said in my facebook.
Set your priorities and make it clear, do not procrastinate, why waste time?
I hope I will follow this advice.
Because I really don't understand why humans like wasting time.
Since you are on a duty to complete a task, why bother doing something else?
Do it quick and complete it.
Then only do other thing.
But I tend to not follow this.
I have 2 assignments to complete, yet I am here blogging and facebook-ing =.=

Btw, I suddenly thought of something a few days ago when I saw a bird fly across me.
The way we learn how to swim is like a bird learning how to fly.
Once you know how to swim, you will never forget.
Like how a bird learn how to fly and never forgets.

Currently listening to With All I Am by Hillsong.
I am in love with this song.
It brings tears of joy =)
Before this I never knew the title of this song, so everytime I want to listen to it, I will go to Ric's blog =.= How dumb is that?

I can't wait for Christmas to come =x
I don't know why but I just can't wait.
I know I won't be getting any gifts like I use to when I was a little girl.
But it has always been a day that I always wait for =)
Christmas Hugs Pictures, Images and Photos
You see the Rudolph?
Yes, people calls me Rudolph cause my nose is blardy red and I always have pimple there.
It's kind of sad and I feel looked down.
But like Rudolph, Santa see something special in him, so I hope people will see something special in me too. I hope.
There's no caroling in this BEC.
So I guess that won't be in my to-do-list =(
I miss singing =(
It has been so long since I last sang seriously @.@
Any singing competition available?

Somehow I never believed in Santa.
My cousins do @.@
Can't wait xD

I wanna write so much but my mind is blank =.=

Happy Holidays to everyone that is having holidays!


ken said...

xmas is near! :D

``Felicia Kok. said...

Yea, it's near.