Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New toy =)

I am in the mood to blog =)
Tomorrow I will be having ITS exam.
About computer knowledge, yet it is theoretical =.=
I read chapter 1 -4 but it's like I didn't even touched it.
So, wth, it's the same.
Anyway, my buddy, How Teck Kien introduced a song to me a few years ago.
I don't know who the original singer is so this is what I did =x
New toy!
Electrical one!
Headphone! =P
It's a second-hand one of course.
I am not that rich.
Mum brought it back cause someone threw it away.
I'm used to it =)
Anyway, it is still usable, so why waste? =)
I have CITC feel =x
A closer view of it =)
It sounds perfectly nice.
And on top of that, it is from Fitness First =)
Oh la la, good luck to me!

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