Saturday, November 13, 2010

8 hours out with him.

A story of yesterday.

So I have been quite busy lately.
Will be much more busier next week and the weeks after that.
So this is the upcoming events. (more like hell)

Next week (week 8) - Summary test
Week 9 - Presentation, FOA test 1, ICT exhibition & start of ME assignment
Week 10 - ME test 2 & ITS test on the same day
Week 11 - Pass up co-cu assignment, ME assignment & ITS assignment
Week 12 - FOA test 2, co-cu competition day & STC

Others will be updated after that.
It's hell I tell you!
No time to rest or think of anything else =(

Anyway, let's forget about the stress.
Yesterday I went out with him for 8 hours!
Yes, that's a huge achievement for me =x
Class ended at 12.30pm.
I made my choice of being independent and taking Rapid bus from Wangsa Maju LRT station =.=
When I got up the bus, the driver said it will only go till Chow Kit.
So I was like, okay~
So I sat and wait till I reach.
But I have no idea how Chow Kit looks like and when will I reach.
So until, somewhere, which I don't know where, I finally had the guts to ask someone where is the monorail station =.=
The guy explained to me and at the next stop I got down.
For 18 years I have been living in this world, I still have difficulty crossing the roads, especially big ones!
But I was lucky enough to see someone else crossing yesterday.
So I quickly follow that guy and crossed =)
It was way nearer than walking from Dang Wangi to Bukit Nanas.
I got on the monorail and noticed I was actually in Chow Kit! :P
So I took monorail to Bukit Bintang.
Digi is a blasted line =.=
Send message and receive so blardy slow!
So we ended up having a hard ride in the beginning.
After that we went to Fahrenheit 88!
He wanted to go to Uniqlo (Yes, I looked at my phone while typing this, I still don't know what's the name of the shop! =x)
So we went there.
The clothes are mostly for winter, but if you're a cold person, you can wear it in Malaysia too =x
But the materials used are nice and soft =)
Mum agreed to that @.@
Then we ate lunch at Sushi Zanmai!
The food is way cheaper than Sushi King!!
And it's delicious and fresh!
Better than Sushi King! =x
After that we went to Sg Wang, as usual.
And then I bought my long-waited-to-buy-magazine!
Spooky right?!
I didn't have the guts to read it last night!!!
After that we head off to Times Square and just walk around.
Legs got tired, so we rested at Krispy Kreme =)
Then I started taking picture =x
So tadaa~
Got home at 10, I think.
Had a great time =)

That's all for now =)

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waalllaa! said... funny can u end up with dat mag?? haha..Mag tu mengarut..hehe..I pun tak beli Magazine funny la u,..