Monday, November 08, 2010

Nail ghost!

I was thinking of what to post just now when I was taking my shower.
But when I came out, my mind went back to the blank status.
Anyway, I still remember last time in Standard 1, back in KL, my teacher use to say

"Jangan simpan kuku, nanti jadi hantu paku!"
It means, don't keep long nails, later will become nail ghost.
It's kind of true.
My brother keeps long nails and I'm afraid of them.
They look like ghost's nails!

Anyway, I feel so tired thinking of tomorrow.
I need to wake at 6am and will be leaving at 6 something in the morning.
I will only be back after 7pm =(
Tuesday sucks larhhhhh.
Aku benci.
I hate.
Wo hen.
Wa bo suka.
But no choice.
Life's like that.

Anyway, I was so close to getting a puppy today.
Lazy to type out the whole story.
Lazy to tell the story.
I'm a lazy girl.
Exam is on Wednesday, and I haven't read any crap.

This song rocks! =x

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