Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet ;)

I'm having major headache.
Result of the uncertain weather.
Some people say now God's technology is as advance as ours.
With a click of a button, the rain will fall or the sun will shine.
So now we can't predict the weather anymore.
Nowadays, the sun shines brightly and releases a lot of heat in the afternoon.
But in the evening, it rains like it has never rain before.
The hot and cold weather makes me sick =(

Today did jogging at 12pm =.=
Super duper sunny.
I think I am having breathing difficulty.
My lungs are blocked.
Then I did nothing.
But then my head was aching like mad.
Btw, today something sweet happened =x
When someone was dared to say "I love you" to me.
He suddenly reacted as though he wanted to fight with that person =x

Wednesday was the last day I blogged.
So, Thursday I had FOA objective test.
In ICT lab.
It's kind of a new thing because it's so high tech and we can't reverse the question.
But I got (8/10)x2 =)
Kinda happy =)
Then on Friday I went Midvalley with him ^^
Watched Harry Potter.
I was blur.
I only know Harry, Hermione and Ron =.=
So, basically he was explaining the whole movie to me =x

That's all I guess.
He's having exam next week =(
Wish him all the best.
And I shall start studying tomorrow because I'm having test on Wednesday and Friday =(
It is never ending huh?
Never ending torture.
I'm glad the following week is a resting week =)

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