Monday, November 22, 2010

World Walking Day :)

Weekends are over.
Now is week 9, hell had arrive but I'm still okay =)
Had a very tiring weekend.
Saturday went BB and dinner with Mel.
Then head off to uncle's house in Old Klang Road.
My relatives from Johor came down to KL cause Monday is a holiday for Johor-ians =x
Then we went there, talked and just chilled.
Till 12am.
Then we came back home to sleep.
The next morning, woke up at 5.30am and off to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for World Walking Day! =)
You see! How early it was?
The sky was still dark when we arrive.
The long queue to get the free t-shirt and breakfast coupon!
Yes, we got our free t-shirt.
It is green in colour.
My second green colour t-shirt =x
Then we had senam robik.
You see all the green colour t-shirt?
Then it was starting time!
Here's the starting point. Ignore the word finish.

On the way, around the track.
This is what we discovered.
Small signs!
Do you think these are for cars?
Anyway, during the walk, we talked a lot.
We observed people that wear leggings.
Omgosh, what I saw was pure dreadfulness =x
First was fat people wearing leggings.
Omgosh, all the fats and the fats!
All looked like they're being trapped inside a tight and small cage trying to free themselves! Dragtitude! This is a word learnt from ANTM =x
Then, there were girls that are thin (okay), wear leggings, and short t-shirt!
And the butt =.= Omgosh, their butt is not huge, but FYI leggings stick to your body.
So, if you wear a tight underwear, obviously it will reveal your butt!
As in the meat of your butt that is not covered by your panty.
It's like, omgosh!
And on top of that, that girl was wearing red underwear.
How I know?
Cause when she walk, and the sunshine hits towards her butt, it shows =.=
Then we saw a woman with zebra type of leggings =.=
Omgosh! Speechless.
Then there was this small girl that was wearing legging with a dressy type of t-shirt!
That was nice!
Even a small kid can dress better than a woman, girl and lady.
Then there were GUYS with leggings.
Omgosh, super speechless!
End of the track.
Best Picture of the Day! xD
Stranger alert!
Picture of us ^^
Mix fm, My fm and Sinar fm was there too =)
Byes C:


sugarmouse said...

i love walking! would walk everyday and everywhere if i could but malaysia's not very pedestrian-friendly unfortunately... good that you enjoyed yourself at the "world walking day" event! :D :D

``Felicia Kok. said...

Haha! Yea!
But this is a public event, so there were police around to control traffic =)

sugarmouse said...

ohh so it was like malay mail's big walk! haha i used to do that back in high school. now that i'm outta school, i don't have the initiative to participate :P

thanks for comin `round my blog! and yessss, i know you watch antm too (dreckitude! haha :D) who're you rooting for in the final??

``Felicia Kok. said...

You mean between Ann and Chelsey?
I like Kayla actually!
But too bad she's out =(
So, I think I'm gonna support Chelsey.
Although Ann takes good pictures but personality is more important.
She can't go up the fashion ladder if she does not communicate with people.
Chelsey is okay in personality vise, although I don't really like her.
What about you?

Mamakucingbooks said...

Good for you. Lovely set of photos