Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day and night.

Had fun in the afternoon talking to friends.

But I'm not gonna blog about that.
I hate it when mum and dad argues.
No, actually I am kind of used to it and I'm happy =.=
Today dad asked mum to help him pour porridge from one bowl to another, he held it up and it was pouring on the table, so mum shouted "don't pour so fast larh. It's all spilling!"
Dad got irritated and shouted back at her.
So dad decided not to eat and threw the whole packet of porridge into the dustbin.
Yes, that's my heartless dad.
I hate him, no doubts.
I never liked him, no doubts.
He's a devil in disguise.
The spy of satan that goes to church and pretend to be good and all holy.
He does no good at home.
He pays no money to mum to buy for the family food and help keep the house clean.
He just goes to work, find money for himself and use up his own money.
None of his properties are mine, gor's or even mum's.
They do not have shared saving accounts.
His money is his.
Mum's money is his.
His priority is money.
Then church.
Family is never in the list.

Mum said she's gonna die.
She ask us to quickly buy insurance.
She comes back from work everyday and complains that her whole body aches.
She refuses to see the doctor or whatsoever.
She's stubborn.
If she really dies, I'm not gonna stay here anymore.
If I do stay here, I'll go nuts.
If my parents were to divorce, it might be the beginning of a happy life for me.
God I wish they will separate.

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