Saturday, November 06, 2010

Something extraordinary.

I had an amazing Deepavali this year.
Okay, it has only been one day and I already had lotsa fun!
Yesterday I went to my dad's friend's mother's house.
Which also is my best friend's grandmother's house!
You see, it's not that complicated! =P
Anyway, I played fireworks after so long.
It's her fault I tell you!
It was so funny!
I was laughing the whole time.
I don't know for what reason the lighted candle kept going off.
Maybe it's because of Vanessa's hair =x
Then got one time I wanted to light my fireworks, the light went out =.=
Then we lighted it up.
So I lighted my fireworks, threw it. ( It was suppose to spin and then pop at many places)
But mine just stayed and the same place and BOOM-ed =.=
So we kept laughing like gila =x
It was so funny I tell you!
And her youngest brother kept kena the fireworks xD
Oh yeah!
One thing dumb about Vanessa!
She lighted up 2 fireworks, but she only threw one.
She didn't realise she was holding another one till it burnt her finger =.=
And her mum didn't let her play the nasi lemak fireworks cause she was underage =x
Okay, I'm suppose to be getting ready for Hema's Deepavali lunch.
So I'll just quickly type through everything.

Watched this movie called Miss Pettigrew : Lives for a day.
It's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
Watch it on PPS if you want.
Search for ĉ˜Žĉ˜ŸċŠİ理.
Incase you can't read type chinese like me.
I had a hard time finding it too.

Happy Deepavali!

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