Friday, November 05, 2010

Unfading memory recorded!

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday!
Thanks to my primary-secondary school friends Ija & Azirah!
And of course my all time best friends since Form 1, Mana!!!!
Although I went there kind of late, and we straight went to McD to eat(yes, McD again), we chat the whole time and it was fun!
I love being with them.
Really had lotsa fun although it was just chit chatting. =)
I got to admit, my BM kinda sucked to the max already.
It has been so long since I last used BM to converse with people.& I call myself a Malaysian =.=
I wish KTAR had more Malays & Indians around =(
Dah jemu asyik tgk org Cina je =x
I'm a Chinese & I'm talking this way. LOL.
Anyway, having friends from other races is nice and healthy!
I have Malay best friends, Indian best friends and Chinese best friend.
They all treat me the same and I like it =)
Talking about Mana, I still remember the way we argued and quarreled when we were in Form 1.
When I think back, it was so ridiculous!
We argued because she was jealous that I was being close to someone else and because she was my best friend then.
Now that I think back, it's funny yet at the same time touching.
The way we argue & fight was really violent!
She would take the mirror and hit my head and I would kick her off her car =x
Form 1 students we call ourselves =.=
But after that we became closer.
Form 2 we were still close cause we were in the same class.
We parted in Form 3 because I became stupid and went to the 3rd class =.=
But then we were still best friends till Form 5!
I love Form 5 a lot!!
Anyway, I'm glad I had the time to spend with her and hope to see her again!
We took a picture together =)
Then there was Ija & Azirah.
My friends since primary school!
It's such a coincidence that during primary school, when my class was a floating class, I was instructed to enter 2 Ikhlas which was their class.
That's how I knew them =)
Ija is always the cool and even something bad happens, she still stays cool and try to figure out a solution and she's SMART!
Azirah is the funny funny and the I-don't-care-that-much-about-problems type.
It's nice to hang out with people like them.
Because we become carefree when they're around =)
It was funny when we had to go to the Baby's department in Jusco cause Ija's sister has a one year old baby and gonna deliver TWINS! TWINS I tell you!! How amazing is that?!
Azirah and I got so jealous =x LOL!
Ija bought pampers and it was hilarious larhhh.
Cause I never step into the baby's department before @.@
Mana, Azirah and I smelled almost all the baby's shampoo on the rack =x
They all smell so nice & fruity and baby-ish!
Anyway, after that we parted because Mana's mum was coming to shop with her.
Ija and Azirah went their own way and I followed Mana.
But when her mum came, I felt so kekok to walk with them x_X
So I decided to walk on my own =)
First time shopping in Jusco on my own!
Then I kept on looking and browsing on clothes.
Can you believe how cheap they were?
It was J Card membership day anyway.
So most of them had 70% discount.
I chose 2 tops.
One of them was RM49.00 but after discount was RM14.70!
Then another one was RM29.00, after discount was RM8.70!
Mel came after that and we walked around Jusco.
He wanted to buy shirts but their cutting was bigger than him =x
Then we went J Co to eat and chill.
My very first time purchasing a donut!
I tak tipu ok! =P
We chose 3 flavour each.
I chose my all time favourite strawberry, tira miss-u & oreo =)
Mel chose nuts, coco banana and durian!
We shared and just talk =)
I enjoy the day a lot.
Although it was tiring and kind off short cause I had to go to college =(
But it's still a memory that will never fade!
Thanks to the 4 people mentioned above.
You brighten up my yesterday! =)

Btw, today is Deepavali!
Happy Deepavali to all Indians and those celebrating them with friends and family like me! =x

Will be going to Vanessa's grandmother's house tonight.
Hope to see that darling there!

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