Monday, August 23, 2010

Me eyes!

Wee~ I have me my ice EYES back!
Like finally ^^
Although now it's a bit uglier =x
So, 2 more days till FINALS!
Adrenaline rushes through my veins when I think of it.
Yet, all I wanna do is just sit back, relax, facebook, blog and not to care about exams.
I haven't been opening any books to read =.=
Anyhow, yesterday I went to uncle's house in Old Klang Road for 7th month prayer :)
Woke up early in the morning =x
Then off to uncle's house on the motorbike.
Set up all the food, then invited ancestors and waited for them to finish eating. :)
Then listen to stories from my aunt.
The other day she and my other aunt's family went to a temple.
The "sifu" invited my aunt's husband into his body and talked to him!
That's so cool!
But, the spirit knows everything!
It was so so so funny!
But a little creepy :(
Stayed there till 4 something in evening and left.
Came back and ONLINE =.=
Went to Mahkota Cheras Jusco for dinner :)
After so long, my family finally had fastfood for dinner.
Guess what, KFC in Mahkota Cheras kinda suck.
Their service is bad and their workers are not efficient.
After dinner, we went shopping ^^
Mr. D.I.Y shop :)
Superb man that shop!
It had everything; bags, accessories, slipper, stationeries, etc.
It was super cool!
Then, we went Jusco and bought dad a new slipper xD
His old one is so OLD! xD
Then bought some breads and cakes.
Back home just in time for Gladiator FINALE :)
Had lotsa fun yesterday although it started off quite badly.
And, though I did not see my brother at all yesterday.

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