Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of finals.

One paper down!
4 more to go! :)

Done with Hubungan Etnik.
No more Hubungan Etnik in life.
I was pretty calm this morning =x
Yes, I was indeed calm!
At 8.50am, they rang a bell @.@ and we were allowed to enter the exam hall, or should I say class @.@
There were so many people.
It was like a concert going on and everyone was standing and waiting for the popstar to appear xD
So we entered the exam hall and sat near each other :)
I sat beside Sook Mun of course xD
It was kind of awkward to take exam when everyone was wearing casual wear @.@
It used to be school uniforms around me but now it's just so different.
Adapting to that situation though.
And, yeah! I sat at seat number 19!
Okay, you (the one reading this) must be wondering, what's so great about number 19??
LOL. Nothing, just crapping.
So, HE, 30 objective questions and 2 essay questions.
The objective part was kinda easy (to me).
And the essay part was kind of confusing (to me).
We were suppose to choose 2 out of 4 essay questions.
I know every half of the questions =.=
Cause they had a,b,c and d.
So, I blurly picked number 1 and 4.
Number 4 was a general knowledge question (I THINK! =x).
If I'm wrong then I'm so D.E.A.D!
Anyhow, I wish to get an A for HE :)

After the exam ended, it was 11a.m.
Oh yea, my friend said that there was this guy, that entered the wrong exam hall and the invigilator only noticed it halfway through the exam =.=
Super sweat!
So he had to leave and proceed to his RIGHT exam hall, and probably start the exam all over again. Gosh, he's dumb =x
And so, after the exam, we took LRT.
As usual, Sook Mun got off at Ampang Park and Yang Fung and I went to McDonalds for lunch :)
At Masjid Jamek.
We couldn't decide whether to eat at Ampang Park or Masjid Jamek xD
When we were there, we saw so many Muslim ladies ordering McD @.@
I thought the Muslim ladies that were not fasting should hide and eat.
Didn't know in K.L they were allowed to eat in public during Bulan Ramadhan.
At 12.40, we were off to the LRT station again.
Guess what?
LRT no lights.
I can't say no electricity because the aircond was on but it was dark, very dark.
Everytime it passes through a tunnel, it becomes very dark.
Waiting at Tasik Selatan sucks.
The weather was freaking HOT!
And I waited for the bus for I think 50 minutes.
Met Chi Gein at Leisure Mall bus stop.
I forgot he was studying at KTAR too =.=
And I asked him a stupid question =.=
Where is he studying.
Gosh, am I dumb or DUMB?!
And I guess that's all for today.
Will be updating again soon, real soon. :)

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