Monday, August 30, 2010

New template.

Okay, as titled.
I seriously were facing problems because I was basically maintaining my own template by myself.
I use to search for new template in here, but the words are so freaking small.
Blind people like me find it difficult to read!
So I decided to manage my own template.
At first it was super chaotic.
My carelessness made it worse =.=
Typical me!
I copied and pasted my previous HTML codes to a notepad. I did not save it.
When I was transfering the informations to my current template, I accidentally clicked on the wrong button and POOF! it became koko krunch! the notepad was blank! I'm guessing I clicked on the UNDO button. I was like, wth wth wth wth wth the whole 20 seconds. :(
It was so so so so silly.
I lost all the links!
I lost all the ad codes.
I even lost my cbox code! That's the worst!
I had to redo a new cbox. I kinda like my new one though. It fits perfectly :)
And so, this is my new template :)
I still do not know how to insert the heading picture.
It's so confusing.
I just don't know!
It's okay, I'll just live with the words on top.

Anyway, here to tell stories again =x
So, I was suppose to meet up with Mel for lunch, and one of his friend, Ivan.
I didn't know what to expect, like seriously!
I was kinda nervous =x
I was suppose to meet them at 1pm.
I got ready by 12 and went to the bus stop at 12.20pm.
It was terrible =x
I waited to the bus for 40 minutes.
I was sitting on a rock =x
Butt was hurting =x
Gahh, will just skip that.
Oh yea! The worst part! My friend saw me and waved at me. =.= Malufying!
Anyway, so i reached LM at 1.30pm.
Sat down for lunch and then we kept talking.
Haha, Ivan's a quite talkative guy.
So much stories!
It was kind of enjoyable ^^
Hope to see him again :)

Another day of no studying =x
I hope I can ace the test though =x

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Good luck to me! xD

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