Saturday, August 07, 2010

A crime a day makes an innocent kid learn! ;)

Had a blast yesterday!
Started off with sleeping in Cm's car xD
Then had English class.
Then off to Times Square with my classmates xD
We went there to celebrate King Soon's birthday.
Went to Neway xD
At first I thought it was pretty awkward since I've never went to sing k with people I barely know @.@But after a while it was okay.
So, there was another banana in class =x
End up there were English songs xD
So we entered around 11 something and didn't wanna leave!
I was so worried!
You know larh, I guai guai wan marh =x
Yang Fung was like, "You wanna leave, you go first larh, go alone."
Of course I didn't wanna go alone!
Our next class was suppose to be at 2.30pm.
But until 2pm, we haven't leave.
When we were about to leave, the song Bad Romance was being played!
Omgosh, everyone didn't wanna leave =.=So we sang the last song. Everyone was going crazy and stuff.
And after that, around 2.15, King Soon paid the bill.
Just imagine, 2.30 class, 2.15 we are still in Neway x_X
So we took Monorail to Bukit Nanas, then took LRT to Wangsa Maju, then bus to college.
We were thinking of all sorts of excuse for being late.
But we entered the class with a smile on teacher's face =.=
I guess then we didn't really care, so we just sat down and do nothing.
Basically we couldn't do anything much because the class was already discussing the last question of the tutorial =.=
So we got our exam papers back and continued celebrating xD
Picture time!
Me and Sean.
He looks like a quiet guy @.@

Singing bad romance.

Bad romance #2, Yang Fung going crazy! He stood on the poof (how do you spell that single chair that you use to kick around?), and keep jumping on it =.=

Owh yea, we reached class at 3.30pm.
Which was 30 minutes more till class ends =x
Such good students :)
Committed crime #1!

*Secondary students that are reading this. Please don't try this at home, in the toilet and especially in school! It's not suitable for you! I repeat, do not try this!

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