Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never ending drama.

So, recap of today.
Filled with drama.

Han Jon left his house at 6.10am!
That time I just only woke up =.=
Jam gilerrrr!
From Pandan Jaya flyover till Leisure Mall that roundabout. Wth =.=
Reach college, first lecture canceled =.=
4 weeks in a row. GENG!
Then, course rep told us that ME (which was our next lecture) lecturer's car breakdown x_X
So we WAIT!
Yang Fung go charge phone using OHP plug xD
Then suddenly lecturer came in and started teaching @.@
Then she wanted to use the OHP, so she took out the charger and said "This one whose phone arh? Later I help you charge okay."
Walao eh zzz
She didn't even scold, yet she say she will plug it in later @.@
After she used the OHP, she plug in the charger, then when she wanna use the OHP again, she pull out the charger, then plug it in again @.@
Such good lecturer xD
Then she told her Car Breakdown Story xD
She said...
"Just now hor, my car breakdown lerh. At MRR2 highway. So I stopped at the side of the road. Then hor, many students pass by lerh. Many cars slow down to see what happened. Then hor, suddenly got accident in front of my car. Then tow-truck came lorh. But the tow-truck didn't come for me worh, it came for the 2 cars that accident in front of my car."
LOL! Comedy man!
Anyway, after that we had lunch.
Then went for phone fair at canteen 2.
So we browse through all the kiosk there and something "black" happened.
Don't wanna mention who or what.
Just that, a RM1,299 phone fell and got scratch.
Initially, the seller ask to buy the whole phone =.=
But didn't have enough money, so he say just pay for the housing.
RM300 babe!
Boleh beli satu handphone baru!
Sigh. When bad luck strikes, there's no where to hide.
Malang tidak berbau.

I got 86/100 for my English.
I know that kinda sucks for an English Ed person.
But, yea, I tried my best.
Grammar test was difficult for me okay!
It was super duper tricky! Gahh!

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