Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An unexpected incident.

I'm experiencing major headache and.... see for yourself!

I finally have "Chinese's" eyes =x
Began with itchiness and pain on Monday.
Then it was the no-eye-lid day on Tuesday.
And today I woke up with one eye that can hardly be opened.
Dang =.=
Tears keep rolling down from that one eye and it hurts 10x everytime I blink.
Exams are near. Oh my gosh =(
Yet, I can't read nor concentrate with this eye =(
I can't stare at something for a long time.
After a few seconds, I need to close both of my eyes and rest.
I don't know how.

Lets just hope something nice happens today.
Distract me more.
But before that happens, I will still stay strong and not let this sore eye pull me down. :)

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