Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day without him.

He's up! In Genting. Yup. Up there. And I'm here. In Cheras. Yea, sad.

So, my right eye hurts damn badly.
Itches damn badly.
So, went college early in the morning today.
Accident happened.
Jam from KTAR till Duke Highway exit.
Pretty long jam.
HE lecture was freaking boring.
ME was fun xD
Took class picture.
As in, the whole 400 students! =D
After lecture, I went to Pasar Seni to take U40.
Blahhh, slept the whole way to Batu 9.
Checker came in and woke me up zzz
Anyways, went to the pharmacy.
I didn't get the eye drop, instead I got pills.
What the shark.
Yes, I got pills.
Which cost me RM6 for ten biji!
So I planned to walked back home.
Like I always do.
At KFL, Sir Yap and Jian suddenly stop in front of me.
Then thanks to him, I was home a little earlier and ate my brunch.
I was freaking hungry at that moment.
Was hungry since 10am x_X
Cooked Asam Laksa Maggi.
Babi-ful man!
The curry splat into my freaking sore eye!
Yea, so, life goes on.
This sore eye just killed all my studying mood.

Off to CM's house.

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