Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fun Run.

This Fun Run was definitely the most fun run I had ever ran =x
Thanks to those that accompanied me, & had fun together.
Something that we can never forget; a memorable activity to be exact.
Heart these pictures so much, although it's blur.

Picture #1 : My baby a.k.a the model in this picture. So ngam-ly he stand there =x
Yet, it's a beautiful picture :) Love it so muchie, especially the model =x
Picture #2. Us, promoting everything we got that day.
Picture #3. Us again :)
Picture #4. 4D numbers! Joking! x) It's our running numbers, and also numbers to claim our goodies bag and FRUITS :)

Date : 31st July 2010.
We participated in Mens'health Night Run.
Venue : Putrajaya.
We had lotsa fun in the car too =x
Were lost. Called many people to ask for direction.
And thanks to our good driver and assistant driver and also to myself, for proving food =x
we finally arrived at Putrajaya in time :)
Anyhow, we got our certificate and also goodies :)
Lots of it!
Time to go to bed now.


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