Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm smelling something super duper stinky.
And I'm guessing it's smelly tauhu a.k.a chao tau fu.

So yesterday evening, uncle took me to Connaught Pasar Malam.
We walked from one end to the other.
Although we bought China Sausage from the wrong stall, it was way cheaper and quite nice.
Then we walked to the other end, finding for the smelly tauhu.
We thought the stall wasn't open.
So we decided to ask around.
And the stall that I asked was the stall that was selling the smelly tauhu =.=
So, cool, we bought the famous smelly tauhu.
Walked all the way to the other end to our car.
Yes, it stinks all the way.
We also bough jelly drink ^^
It probably costs uncle a lot of money =x
We even need to put the smelly tauhu in the car bonnet.

Wanna know how the smelly tauhu taste like?
Eat for yourself!
To me, it tasted like drain water =.=
I'm scared of it already.
Not gonna eat it anymore!

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