Thursday, August 05, 2010

I love myself! =x

Wee~ I love myself!
My results are NOT BAD!
Not bad at all ^^

Lets recall. Gosh, I'm pretty happy about it but I know I won't score in QS. Gosh, that stupido subject! Gahh!~

Anyway, so here it goes~

Microeconomics, the one I'm most proud of =x
Test 1 - 38/40 (one wrong =.=)
Test 2 - 38.5/40 (another one stupid wrong)
Group coursework - 89/100
Overall - 38/40 xD

Introduction to Accounting, okok lorh~
Group assignment - 15/20 (Err, sir said it was ONLY average *sad*)
Test 1 - 18/20 (Bangga giler!)
Overall - 33/40 (okok lorh~)

Others haven't get. Gonna get English tomorrow. Might be getting QS too =.= Sh*t subject =x
Hubungan Etnik maybe in week 14 =.=

Enough of topics about studies man!
Final exam is coming by the way.
Gosh =.=
I gotta stop doing this.
Everything in my mind now is all about college, studying and ways to ace all the subjects!
I feel like Anson a NERD!
So so so, although my class is full of geniuses, but they are not Ansons nerds! I repeat, they are not NERDS!!
We hang out together, do crazy stuff together and joke and fool around most of the time.
Although I like being myself, who is the most serious one around =x *cough cough*

Tomorrow, we'll be having a 5-hour-trip to Times Square! xD
Another person's birthday.
Celebration of birthday in college is so cool!
Gotta have fun before the so-called study week arrives xD

My blog is so plain. & green @.@
How come?
But people still read this crap.
You people are kereizi! =P
But I still heart all of you reading this!
That's all that I can think of for now.
Remember to always CHILLAX!


Exam timetable..

25 August - Hubungan Etnik (a.m)
27 August - English (a.m)
29 August - Microeconomics (p.m)
2 September - Introduction to Accounting (p.m)
4 September - Quantitative Studies (p.m)

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