Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yup yup. Another day without school! Woots. ^^
Mum ask me not to go xD
Actually I sendiri didn't wanna go =x
Hmm. Yesterday was okay I guess.
Morning like normal school. Reach school only Pn Sakinah ask help with the prize giving ceremony..Yay, EST exhibition won third place and class drama won first =D
Hmm, lotsa goodiezzz! =)
Then stayed back for duty..
Was kinda boring cause lunch only two people. Sien dao -.-
Then met up with CM and the gang =)
Then go PS duty...normal duty, sweep floor and vacuum. Not very fun. Don't know why.
Then we go computer scan and print for folio =x
Haha. Then at 4.30 PS close, all balik.
Shagee send me till Nyky Bookshop nia cause I wanted to buy something.
So from there I walked home. Swts, I forgot bring house key to school -.-
Then reach liao I throw all my bags inside house then climb the gate. I don't know why, from high up I jump down -.-ll *stupiak me* x_x
Then sendiri tau the story larh -.-
Then go in house mum call. She say tonight she need to clean a house cause the next day, that is today, the owner wanna shift in liao.
So she ask me prepare all the stuffs for cleaning and when dad gets back, hop into the car and get there asap.
So okay, I get the stuffs ready and I went and do my essay which was suppose to be done during the holidays. Haiz. Was doing halfway, I fell asleep -.-ll
Thats normal larh xD
Then suddenly my dad woke my up and ask me to go liao. So I just got up, push the books aside, put all the stuffs in the car and off to PJ at 6.15pm!
Near PJ liao then it was raining. I was hungry, lucky I got bring the goodies from school wan. So I just ate one biscuit larh. The mickey wan.
Then reach liao, heavy rain. My dad have to speak to the condo geh guard to tell where he going all. Then gau tiam liao. Bring all the stuffs go up. Then start cleaning lorh. I mop 2 rooms at first. Then moved on to wiping the glass doors and the cabinets. Wah, san fu lorh. Wipe and clean till like 11pm liao x_x
Dinner pun belum makan -.-
Then I play play larh. That house gila banyak MIRROR!

The scenery up there damn nice lorh. Hmm, at 11.30pm we left that house and went to my uncle's house in Old Klang Road to send comforter. Then wan go eat geh. Taman Connaught all the shop close liao. So went to KFL. Ate DINNER at 11.45 xD xD Then reach home at 12.08am =) Hehe. I suggested to go help my mum today. But she say no need. She ask me stay at home play computer games xD

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