Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damn ...... up day!
In the beginning of school was all A OKAY!
But my back seriously hurts like hell!
I have no idea why..
Yesterday Brig, Pavi and I planned to continue the suffering (painting the words) today.
So okay. So we skipped Sivic and went to the ICT Lab to find HOAB. (Code name, named by Pavi)
Hmm, we couldn't find her there so went to Bilik Guru. Brig had migrain today -.-
So I went in and her for her permission to do the work.
Then she said okay and she ask to help find some information on how to access the internet.
So fine, we went to the lab and started on painting. Then recess time. Hem brought sandwiches for all of us. So we went recess first while waiting for the paint to dry up.
After recess, we continued from where we stopped. After finish, we cleaned up everything and wanted to get started on helping teacher find the informations.
We gave a long speech to the teacher in the lab to just allow us to use the damn pc -.-
After a minute trying to switch on the pc and while the pc was on-ning, HOAB appeared.
She say stop everything we were doing and go do the paintings for the ICT lab thingy.
That time we were actually planning to rest and after a while maybe go back to class for BM.
Then she suddenly call us do work.
Brig was trying to off the pc when suddenly HOAB shouted and asked her to off the pc -.-
Then she just handed to us the letters to paint. Then Pavi ask me what subject now. I saib BM and we were talking bout not wanting to miss class. Then suddenly HOAB shouted and ask us whether we were listening to what she was saying. Damn ...... up you know?!
We wanted to go back to class but none of us just have enough guts to voice out. Anyway, she's a teacher, she should know that we are having class and that we skipped classes just to do the PBSM work, for the sake of PBSM right. But now she asking us to do her SHYT?!!
WTF? We are not even asked to HELP! We are ORDERED! Shyt her man!
I don't have a clue what shyt will happen to BSM!
Then Pavi was being all grumpy cause of the way HOAB was treating us. She treated us like her damn MAID and SLAVES!
Then when we got out of the lab to complete the work, Pavi started complaining. Eventhough Brig and I felt the same feeling, we kept quiet. Cause we know what to expect d.
Then Pavi complained the whole time. Then we were suppose to paint the letters pink in front and blue at the side but it all ended up being purple! xD
Then Pavi say just leave it. Then she shouted larh.
"She asking us to do her bleedy job. If she thinks its not perfect like what she wanted, ask her to do herself! -.-"
Damn geng man she!! =)
Then she was complaining and complaining larh. She asked Brig and I..
"How you 2 tahan arh? You 2 can be so damn calm arh?"
That time she was REALLY REALLY GRUMPY!
Then I told her larh. Everything has its first time. You can't expect everything to work out just the way you want it. Like for example today, we expect to get back to class by BM, but ended up doing some shyt there -.-
So we just gotta telan it larh.
Hmm..then she went all calm d.
Brig was having migrain again, so she rested at the side. Suddenly teacher came out and asked her what she was doing. Brig say she not feeling well. Then teacher suddenly ask her, she not feeling well or what. Shyt man! Can't your big bloody eyes see she's sick?!! Then she went in d.
Then we finished doing the shyt d.
She ask whether must tell that woman that we were done xD
That time teacher was at the door xD
I saw teacher, Brig also saw but how are we suppose to tell Pavi bout it. If we tell her that HOAB was there, sure HOAB will syaki something right. But when Pavi was keeping the paint, she was jumping under the stairs, trying to tell us teacher was there -.-
Haha, she saw HOAB larh. If not sure she will kutuk her more wan xD
Then finally we get to go back to class. After missing more than 3 lessons!
Then we told everything to Pn Melati larh. Haiz. Felt damn frust man! We sacrificed our studies for BSM and the HOAB asked us to do shyt for her -.-ll
Went in class liao, addmaths teacher was rushing. He say he counted liao. Left 8 weeks till exam.
Haiz. Stress man! I don't know how to handle it anymore!
I barely talked to anyone except Brig and Pavi today! Missed Moral which must do folio!
Came home liao. Online. Haiz. Then some more people ask me do things. WTS man! I'm not even suppose to bother bout you!
Its your problem if you don't know wth she was talking bout. I asked you to find a way to contact her if you can't be there. Then you just gave me her damn number. I told you I have her num, so what?
I say I'll help you msg her. And then I ask you what to msg her. You said you don't know. Then wts you gave me her num for?
Then I say I'll help you ask her to call you. Then suddenly you said.
"Haiz, girls."
WTS man?!! What has this got to do with gals? Its your problem you don't understand her msg and its your bloody problem you can't get out of your house. I'm just helping you with it!
Stop pressuring me like I'm incharge of doing your bloody work!
Tomorrow gotta stay back in school again to finish up all the work for installation day. Haiz. And at night got mass T.T
I feel like killing myself. But cannot. I have much more things to get done before I kill myself. Haiz. The world is spinning too freakingly fast. And nothing seems to be in order. Damn, I still have 2 essays and 1 karangan to be done!
I don't think I have enough time to do!
I don't even have the knowledge of doing it! My brain is just so damn jammed up!
I don't feel like doing anything after this tiring and ...... up day!

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