Friday, August 22, 2008

K lets begin. On 19th August I was at home whole day. It was basically a whole day online day xD
So nothing much happened on that day. It was kinda a bored day.
Moving on to 20th August. Woke up at like, erm, i forgot. Quite late then straight eat lunch xD
Then after that XL suddenly sms me to ask me to do the board. Then I was like, huh what board. Then she say for aniversary wan. Then I was like aha....
Then ok larh. I told her to gimme 15 minutes to bathe and walked to church. First, I went to the bookshop to buy Kavi's stationaries and also manila card for the board. So then went to church. It started to rain at 5pm. So I ran home =D
Then after arrive home, got ready for night's gathering in Wei Seng's house. The rain became heavier so I asked Sheryl to ask Wing Sze to fetch me from my house. Then at 6.45 we left.
Reach there Wei Seng wasn't at home. So we just lepak larh. Nothing much to do also. After a while the gang all come liao. So we started dinner and watched tv xD
Then got exchange present de. -.- No comment!
Hmm..then went home at 11 I think. Then the next day was drill camp so I slept kinda early xD
Then 21st August..
Woke up at 5.30am but slept back till 5.40 xD What's the big difference?? 0.o
haha. Then woke up and polish. And ate breakfast. Lucky this time I ate breakfast. =)
Cause normally I don't. Then walk to church with my mum cause my dad em fong sam I go alone in the dark. Hehe. Then walking halfway saw Cm. -.- He just drove pass. Then my mum complain xD Not I complain. Haha. Then after a while, Jess pula horn at me and ask me to naik her car. Ok lorh. Then reach church liao. Straight fall in -.-
Then first task was to run up to Tmn Cheras Permai -.-ll
I nearly died but still alive xD
haha. Ok larh. It was kinda hard cause it's up the HILL!
Then reach there run around bsb court 5 rounds and did some pumping. And then watch the more senior people drill. Suddenly Hui Min fall. Wah, I got shocked! 0.o
Then after that we went to the back court and we were suppose to clean up the place. All don't know what to do. Some more no teamwork. Got a few people just sit there nia. Like they don't even care. Shuen larh! If in bnts sure die liao all. Even if we were able to clean the place also sure die wan. So okay, I suggested to borrow the brooms from de penghuni there larh. Sumore cause Gwei Fang stay there de marh. So went her house borrow lorh. Then cleaning halfway suddenly must fall in liao. Those who never clean ma easy lorh. Straight fall in nia. Hmm.
So then carried on with drill till like..hmm I have no idea what time! I couldn't actually keep track on time -.-
Then it was lunch time!! =)
I have absolutely no selera to eat! Haiz. Then after that had a lot time more so we did worship.
And also a few lame jokes from Cheng Fong -.-
The first time hear nice larh. But 2nd time? Felt a lil bit irritated -.-
Then after that Primer taught how to do GOH..hmm..
I felt irritated by him too -.-
He's like the person that is smart but trying to act dumb..that's just kinda pure dumb. He doesn't appreciate what God has gave him ...........
Hmm..then learn learn learn lorh. Till 5pm then end liao. So just sit in church and chat wit all my friends. Till I feel like going home. Just go home larh xD
How nice if my life was always do whatever you want, whenever you like xD
haha. It would be so much fun-ner!
When I reach home, my mum also reach liao. So we sat down and did a mother-daughter talk xD
Quite fun larh. Cause I get to tell her whatever I feel. Hmm..our main topic was bout BSM though. She ask me to quit and join St John. Hmm. Cause I already have the uniform also larh xD
Then after that Brig called. 2 bad news T.T
Aunty Marianna had miscarriege and Theresa, the girl that met accident that day..she was admitted into hosp again cause that day her mum was bathing her, suddenly she had fits. Haiz..
That's all for now.

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