Thursday, August 07, 2008

K lets begin..
Now I would like to introduce the author of this blog.
She's a typical chinese girl with a mixture of 25% japanese blood =)
Love her mum very much, dad and brother a bit only. xD jkjk. Love all her family members. Just don't like a few xD
Next, she was delievered to the world on 30th July 1992. Not sure bout the time. But according to her mum, she came out without a sound. Even when the doctor hit her back, she kept quiet. Just staring around, observing. Then the doctor had to poke something sharp into her throat then only she started to make her first move, that is to cry out loud =)
Dad wasn' there when she was born. Hmm, even her uncle had to send her mum to hospital when her mum's waterbag broke.
So then she grew up in a quite stable family. Happily enjoyed Christmas every year with all her family members even from Penang, JB and Singapore. All will be at her house celebrating.
But this is a very very naughty girl I tell you.
Her first big punishment from her mum was to get out of her house. This happened when she was 4 xp
Can't believe she was that naughty huh? =)
After a few years, she shifted house. A new environment to get use to. Her cousins on her dad's side, all were boys. She was really pampered by all her elder cousins and she loved them so much =)
On her Open House day, she fell from her bike xD
She was 7 that time. She and her cousin brothers had a bicycle race down the hill. Her cousins cheated her and she rode as fast as possible on a bike that had no break. How dumb was that?
Hmm. Moving on. She really enjoyed her primary school a lot. She had so many friends. And she often got 1st place in class. Every year she will be on stage receiving certificates and also presents! ^^
She made her parents proud!
In standard 2, one guy fell for her and gave her flowers at her hands. She was shocked but eventually that guy shifted school and it became a joke till today xD
She fell for guys when she was standard 4 -.-
She fell for a guy that was 4 years elder then her.
She didn't know what to do but to just hide her feelings.
Before she knew it, she excel in her UPSR and moved on to form 1.
In Form 1, she made friends with so many other students from other primary school. Eventhough she faced lotsa problems during that time, she was able to get back on track and saved all her friendships.
In form 1, it was her first time when someone said 'I like you'. She fell for the same guy too but it was too late. So she moved on with her life and with someone else.
From the first class, she fell to the second. Her class teacher asked her whether its because of that guy, she answered no and studied harder. That year, she got together with the guy she fell for when she was in standard 4. How sweet was that? The next year she fell from 2nd class to 3rd. She was in total depress but it wasn't obvious.
In form 3, she had lotsa conflicts in the beginning of the year but she again managed to hold on to the friendship she built.
She made more friends and excel in her PMR. There she was, back at track again =)
She felt happy to be in the same class with the guy she fell in love with....
And the story goes on till the day she dies. This is only a summary of what happened from 30th July 1992-31st Dec 2007 ^^
*Btw, she got sent out of her house 3 times already, but still she's living in her house xD*
It might seem that this girl had lotsa conflict in her life. But in all this conflicts, there will always be friends around her to comfort and bring joy to her..
She's happy and glad to have friends that supports her back and never let her fall, maybe some made her fall but they are forgiven =)
Okay, thats all for her story. Lets begin with her attitude..
Behind the scenes of a girl name Felicia Kok Jing Ping...
Lets see if we all know her..
[x]Cares for others more then herself
[x]Thinks she has everything (materials)
[x]Always perasan cute and pretty
[x]Thinks she's stupid
[x]Kinda selfish
[x]Hates sharing food with others
[x]Dislikes her dad =x
[x]Love her handphone so much
[x]Gave up on GBR
[x]Loves to cry
[x]Loves to smile but not laugh
[x]Once start laughing, she won't stop
[x]A bit sakai-ish
[x]Advise, but not do the same
[x]A bit boy-ish
[x]Very loud at home
[x]Quite soft in school
[x]Loves singing A LOT
[x]Hopes to learn to play the piano
[x]Loves writing poem
[x]Loves blogging
[x]Loves being somewhere other than house
[x]Loves Penang food
[x]Very fierce
[x]Likes learning bout the Bible, but could never remember the verse -.-
[x]Money-minded xD
[x]Always give others what she likes
[x]Always ask others for suggestion
[x]Never making a decision herself
[x]Very manja
[x]Loves addmaths a lot
[x]Dream to be a singer
[x]An animal lover x3
[x]Likes to get involved in everything
[x]Always keep everything to herself
[x]Only talks when its neccessary
[x]If you don't ask her anything, she won't tell
[x]Easily get hurt
[x]Easily get angry
[x]Makes people feel guilty everytime xD
[x]Feel the guilt even if it's a small matter
[x]Loves pink, white and black
[x]Very weak
[x]Likes getting sick =x
[x]a dependant person
[x]Loves shorts, instead of 3 quarter pants
[x]Loves accessory but never have time to wear them
[x]Loves fastfoods
[x]Love juice more then carbonated drinks
[x]Always can't make decision on what to eat or drink
[x]Enjoy helping others
[x]Loves compliments
[x]Hate comparisons
[x]Always sleeping
[x]Like to waste money on sms-ing
[x]Very childish
[x]Voice like small kid xD
[x]Super duper shy person
[x]Always afraid of losing sumone whom she love
[x]Hates giving up
[x]Walks weirdly
[x]Normally won't stand up for herself, but will stand up for others 0.o
[x]Chubby =)
[x]Runs weirdly
[x]A little too sensitive you even know the real her? Or you just know the fake her?
Well, whatever it is, she will always remain the same her. She will never change for anyone nor anything. Love her the way she is and not try to change her. Respect her decisions for what she decided will never be changed. If you see her, smile at her and wave at her. She does not make the first move cause many of it was her defeat.
That's the story of our author and lets now say bye bye! ^^ CHIOWZ!

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