Sunday, August 10, 2008

La la la..kinda bored so decided to blog. Nothing much on daily stories.
Another huge decision to make in 2 days time T.T
Installation or BNTS?
Haiz. It always happens between BSM and BB -.-
So erm..actually I go for BNTS, in BSM also got use de. So 80% of my mind decided to go for BNTS.
But yesterday Afiq smsed me and say if I can't go for installation day, don't tell him. Straight tell Pn Jacqueline -.-ll
I scared to talk to her lerh. She so damn garang T.T
That day dah larh Brig sudah kena firing T.T
Nvm. I try talk to Pn Rosminah xD
She might let me off..hehe..
Btw, I have a collection of Monokoroboo's -.-
And I don't even name it as my favourite -.-
I have the keychain, t-shirt, bag and also watch 0.o
I love my new bag sia. My bro gave it to me. Mum say he bought it long time ago and kept it in his room. Why I never noticed de??
Anyway, today went SS. Actually didn't wanna go but went larh -.-
So today Fr Andrew's class. Throughout his class damn senyap. Like bilik mayat sia.
Everyone like nothing to talk nia. GAvin was sleeping again -.-
The topic for today is sexuality AGAIn -.-
Swts larh. Damn sien d always listen to this topic. Cause everything also we know liao.
Haiz. Instead of using the term sex, they changed it to genital expression xD
Haha. Fr say that growing up is never a straight line. There will always be challenges that everyone has to face. Unless you're dead. Yup.
I hate weekends though. Its always boring T.T
Mum and dad went to uncle's house to pray for the ghost de I think. Didn't wanna go cause feeling damn sleepy. This morning I planned to wake up early to do SS homework but I woke up in time to bathe and go church nia. LOL
Nothing much to write larh. Actually got a lot but too bad I forgot -.-
Holiday time nothing to do arh? Got larh..STUDY! =)
I realise whenever I look at them I feel so discriminated. I feel that I'm so down under earth and they're all above heavens. They are always the pro and I'm always the dumber one.
I don't know exactly why. I don't dare to speak out for myself. I'm afraid to be teased or maybe I'm just afraid to accept the truth. Lack of confidence makes it all so difficult T.T
Even a simple question asked in class, I wil answer it in mind but never in words.
Why can't I speak out when it is all the truth? Is it that difficult to just speak out what I think and what I feel?
What is it that is lacking in me? Self-confidence? When will I get it back? Shyness? How do I overcome it? Or just plain blurrness? Nah, I don't think so..

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