Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hmm. Today in school had raptai for watikah. It was kinda ok. Not that kelam kabut =)
No more pembawa dulang..hehe..
Then after that bio no teacher, maths no teacher..after recess learnt physics.
Then get BM paper and no sj teacher -.-
Useless day!
Hmm..then after school koko..went for pss something and went for netball meeting just to ambil kedatangan xD
Then wait outside for Asha's mum, aunty Shubi =)
Then at around 4.45, went to HUKM. Hmm, when wanna enter the wad, I felt like fainting. The way I imaged Theresa was way different from reality!!
I made myself brave enough to actually walk into the wad and look at her. She was okay..
Just her mouth wasn't at the normal place and her head had lotsa stiches..
Her hand was filled with plaster. She say she had 16 injections. Her left hand got swollen so the doctor hafta inject on the other hand. Haiz. Her left eye can't close. She can't turn to the left or she'll feel dizzy. Then Brig, Asha and Diane fed her porridge. I didn't cause unexperience xD
Haha. But she'll be okay =)
After that we went to visit one old nun. I forgot her sickness. Diane say when you carry something heavy then dunno what what xD
Then went to Arthur's wad. But he wasn't there. Only a TEDDY BEAR there -.-
Then went to operation room to wait larh. Haiz. Wait till damn long. Finally at 6 something he came out. So we just said hi and left for home.
In the car a lot things happened man!
Aunty Shubi talked bout teenagers problems larh. Cause Brig all in love what. Aunty say must discuss with parents all this things wan. And parents must also be open minded.
Hmm, then she say parents must guide children like flying a kite. When you fly a successful kite, sometimes you pull, sometimes you let go..So parents gotta know their children well to know when to hold on and when to let go..Then halfway hearing, my dad called -.-
He shouted at me on the bloody phone -.-ll
Haiz. Then reached home at 8pm. Damn tired larh. Bathe then eat =)

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