Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hmm, on Friday I spent more than 2 hours to finish the BNTS report. I slept after 1am T.T
But the next day I got to know that must pass up on the 1st week of Sept -.-ll
So on Saturday I woke up at 10am. Wah damn early. Don't know wake up so early for what -.-
Oh yea, woke up to hafal the song xD
Then at 2.30 went to BB. Then got practice song a bit. Then fall in liao. Wah, first time got compliment from Sq ldr lerh!!! =)
He say very good xD xD
Then worship time shuang lorh =p
Then got sharing. Sir Tan so cute sia xD
The way he translate..wakaka..
Then games. Can't play the 2nd game T.T Cause leg pain..haiz..
But in BNTS also got play liao. So nvm larh =)
Then prize giving time...get target badge liao.hehe
Wah, Anson SGT sia!! Congrats to Lynn, CM, hj, yang, XIAO LYE!!!! Seph, LOIS!! wakaka...tumpang super duper gembira!! Eh forgot DOINK! Wakaka...congrats DOINK! =x
After BB I memang plan to walk home liao de. Cause in the afternoon I told dad that BB will end late so I not going church for mass. So he say okay. So okay larh.
Wah, rain walk back. One word = SHUANG! xD
As I was walking, I was walking slowly.
All kinds of WHYs came into my head.
I kept thinking why did I let go?
And now I'm thinking why am I still holding on?
I was walking really really slow.
I think after 15 minutes only I reached my house xD
Wow, my house is like 5 minutes away from BB nia xD
Okay nvm. Walking in the rain is always fun =)
Then reach home liao. I just sat in front of th TV thinking...hmm..
The TV was actually watching me xD
Then dinner and parents came back so I ate dinner.
So after dinner was online and sleep =)
Today, 24th August 2008..
Woke up at like 8am sumthing. Wah, sumore early @.@
Why do I like to wake up early? I also dunno xD
Then at 10.30am went for SS. Another day of skirts =)
Then reach there time Uncle Nelson not there. 11am liao. Still not there. 11.05 still not there -.-
11.06am he wanted to enter the class, then Brig go close the door. She tell him the normal words he would say to those latecomers...
"Eh you are 6 minutes late, sit outside and don't come in. Cause you're late!"
Haha..then he blurrly walked in and say..."true arh"
"But I teacher so nvm larh" xD xD
Haha. So we forgave him and started our lesson. The last lesson was on Sexuality so he asked the guys what they understand bout sex -.-
Lucky he never ask the girls. Haha.
Today's topic was on Loving God.
But normally Uncle Nelson class sure lari dari topic wan xD
So okay larh. First he ask can someone re-married.
Then got people say can, got people say no.
Brig ask can someone get married to the same person again..
Uncle Nelson ask back..."Why do you wanna suffer with the same person again?" Wah, zadou!
Then got one q in the book ask, What comes to your mind when sumone talks bout Valentines Day. Then Uncle say normally guys will buy chocolate, flowers..then he ask what more..Asha say ring..
Then uncle ask ring symbolizes what...Brig say..."SUFFERING" xD
Ring + Suffer = Marriage (Suffering) xD xD
Wakaka..damn funny larh today's class. Then he ask why do people get married. Then sleepy Gavin say to take care of child. Uncle ask back, what you need to get a child. Gavin answer, love. Then he ask Joshua...joshua say sex -.-ll
Then uncle say..yes, correct answer -.-ll
Haiz...whole class too HIGH liao -.-
Then uncle ask what do you understand bout love. I heard lert..then I was like, wth is lert??!
LOL. Then he say larh...normally teenagers get into puppy love. Then I thought I heard KOPI love -.-
Asha heard popular. Then she shouted "bookshop uncle, bookshop" -.-
Then we all create story say...if want that guy to like us, bring him to Starbucks then give him coffee then he will fall in love with us. Then I say coffee too expensive. Then Christina say just buy mineral water. So that's called water love xD
Then she say sky juice love better xD
Then uncle told one experience bout puppy love. Before he begun his story he said..
"Anyone wanna share their story? Now share no problem wan. But when you all nearly wanna get married, don't go share all your puppy love story with your future spouse larh. Cause for example if you tell your future spouse got one time you sad, you went and drink then mabuk liao you go sleep with xxxx then one day, after marriage if you come back home late then sure banyak masalah." xD
Then he say, especially the girls. They have very good memories for all these stuffs.
Then I say larh...sure the girls will remember larh. Cause normally only guys come home late ma. Girls where got go home late de xD
Ok then he carried on with his story..
He say last time he std 6 time, he got like this girl.
He was walking along this laluan then he pluck pne flower and put it on the hibiscus flower. He told his friend next to him. He say...if the girl walk pass here and pick the flower means she also like me. Then uncle stopped and say...don't ever trust your friends in love life. Cause they are normally the culprits. So then he continued...he say..after that the girl lalu there and plucked the flower. Then he say that his friend go tell that girl that uncle like her. Then the girl go complain to the principal -.-
Then uncle kena sebat lorh. Don't know larh. Last time school like that de.
Then his principal gave him a letter for his parents to sign. The principal say the next day he must pass up the letter with his parent's signature. He went home time he don't dare to tell his parents bout it. The next morning he woke up early and gave the letter to his mum. He say principal ask to sign. His mum was a headmistress larh. Then she read and say "go school and come back". Meaning come back time...arh... xD
But after he went home his mum never rotan him larh..juz advise larh. Haha.
I have no idea whats the moral of the story but it was kinda funny when he told it xD
Then after that we learn bout the good samaritan and lesson ended there. I said the closing prayer and all our of class xD
Brig ask to go for SOY but when reach home, it was raining. Wah, damn nice to sleep. haha.
At 4 something went to Giant. So didn't go SOY. After reach home time damn many funny thing happen. But I don't know how to write it down. It might not be funny in words but very funny in action xD NOrmal larh. the blurr me -.-
blurr me + my mum = surely sumting funny xD
Then dinner and blog =)
Nothin much. tmr school liao. Hw also havent do =x
Another 4 folios to go T.T

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