Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today damn tired sia.
School went on like normal and ended like normal.
After school had koko.
Hmm, Brig, Pavi and I didn't go for lintas hormat cause Brig was suppose to do the words for installation day. So Pavi and I helped her. First, Pavi was fooling around then kena marah -.-
Then everyone was like super duper seriously doing work. But we were talking while doing larh. Then when wanna reach 4pm liao, teacher say want close the lab she ask us finish faster. Then she ask whether finish liao mei. Brig say a few more to cut. Then she suddenly scolded us. Saying who ask us to talk so much. Bleedyhell! We were talking while doing the damn words man!
Damn her shyt man!
Then teacher rushed us again lorh. Fine, we did like super damn fast. Then want keep time I ask her whether got plastic or not. She say no worh -.-
So i ran up to PSS to take lorh. When I coming down time I saw Zaheerah holding like damn many plastics. Damn her larh!
Then we started painting larh. Till like nearly 5pm.
Wah, that time dehydrated liao T.T
Then after that walk home. From Perimbun to Suntex xD
That time weather damn freaking hot. Some more dehydrated -.-
Reach home liao feel so damn dizzy x_x
Okay..forget bout all that..
I really feel so so so so so tak puas with something.
Just're on a road and you come to a junction. Its either left or right.
Left, you will die. Right also you will die. So? Just stop?
But somehow you have to choose either road. Damn shyt! So gonna die de. Can't do anything -.-
One more thing is..LEMBU PUNYA SUSU, SAPI DAPAT NAMA! That always, I repeat! Always happen to me!
Since the day I was born!
Haiz. Only one person knows what I'm talking bout. Better forget it. Like he said!
Really damn frust bout it!

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